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@Read Book ⚪ A Test Of Wills Ü In , Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge Remains Haunted By World War I, Where He Was Forced To Have A Soldier Executed For Refusing To Fight When Rutledge Is Assigned To Investigate A Murder Involving The Military, His Emotional War Wounds Flare It Is A Case That Strikes Dangerously Close To Home One That Will Test Rutledge S Precarious Grip On His Own Sanity A Publishers Weekly Best Book Selection Martin S Press Cris recommended this, and she s a fine judge of merit and a good source of suggested readings for the mystery genre In this first book in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series, the hero has survived the horror of fighting on the Front against the Kaiser s forces in WW I, and now back in England he must deal with the haunting voice of a Scotsman he was forced to have killed for treason for refusing to fight on during a particularly spirit numbing battle over in France Rutledge keeps this shell shock touch of insanity to himself as much as he can, even as he tries to figure out who was responsible for blowing off the face of a beloved colonel out for a morning ride on his country estate in Warwickshire Was it the decorated war hero, the village radical, the smarmy vicar This tale, set in that intriguing period between the two World Wars, as British society went through some profound transitions, has a great ending I didn t see coming, and now I m hooked into the series. In terms of book boyfriends, the main character in this series, Ian Rutledge is my number one That s right, he beats out Valek, Ash, Morpheus, The Darkling I love Ian Rutledge that much I have read every single book in this very long series On a marry fuck kill scale, Ian Rutledge is a solid marry I want to love him He is a wounded warrior, a former soldier, noble in character than any I have read I want to make a home with him I want to spend evenings together with him in our comfortable little home in the English countryside We will have quiet nights together, both of us reading, with a nice pot of tea Occasionally, we will glance up and exchange a smile with each other I want to embrace him in his darkest moments, as he remembers the horrors of war, as he is haunted by the specter of the ghost named Hamish, within his head I want to hold his hands as he ponders the moral dilemmas within his cases I want to ease his suffering In turn, he will love me, respect me His is an eye that will never wander.We will grow old together, our love never fading as our lives fade into the twilight Please meet my book boyfriend sometimes, if you get the chance. We have to be ashamed to not want to die.It is 1919 and Inspector Ian Rutledge has returned from the trenches of France to resume his duties at Scotland Yard Before the war he had a knack, a way of seeing beyond what people were willing to tell him It is described at one point as putting his fingers on the pulse of a dead man and bringing him back to life The war has left Rutledge shattered His fiance has broken off their engagement She is terrified of the man England has sent back to her He has a dead Scottish soldier named Hamish residing in his head, dogging his every move, insistently casting doubt on every decision To make matters worse he has a boss, Bowles, that wishes Rutledge had died in the war, and is intent on not only seeing him removed from Scotland Yard, but broken as well Little does Bowles know how little of a push that would take.Rutledge is dispatched to Warwickshire to investigate the bloody murder of Colonel Harris The prime suspect is a decorated war hero who is friends with the crown prince Bowles sees the perfect opportunity to put Rutledge in an impossible position that should see him embarrassing the wrong people, and insuring his ouster from the force We follow along with Rutledge as he tries to make sense of a small town murder where information is scarce and what people do know they don t want to share with an outsider from London As if that isn t enough for him to contend with, he also has to keep a death grip of control on Hamish If anyone where to find out that he has this insistent Scottish voice in his head he would be sent away for treatment and his career would be ruined He meets the enticing Lettice WoodsShe leaned forward slightly and he could see her face then, blotched with crying and sleeplessness But most unusual nevertheless, with a high bridged nose and a sensitive mouth and heavy lidded eyes He couldn t tell their color, but they were not dark Sculpted cheekbones, a determined chin, a long, slender throat And yet somehow she managed to convey an odd impression of warm sensuality He remembered how the Sergeant had hesitated over the word attractive, as if uncertain how to classify her She was not, in the ordinary sense, beautiful At the same time, she was far, very far, from plainThere is also a determined, talented female artist and an attractive wealthy widow that also quicken the pulse of our detective The women of Warwickshire do their best to cloud his mind Clues are locked up in the addled mind of a shell shocked drunkard and a little girl scared into a catatonic state Even if he does discover what they know they hardly make for star witnesses Rutledge can feel the fear of failure circling over his career Just as he is on the verge of conceding defeat he gets an unexpected break.Charles Todd is the son and mother duo of Charles and Caroline Todd Charles and Caroline ToddAt the time of this review there are fourteen entries in the Ian Rutledge series I for one will be exploring of them to see how the writing duo intends to handle the forces arrayed against our stalwart hero There is also a new series from this writing team involving a World War One nurse that looks interesting as well If you like period pieces and good old fashioned Agatha Christie who done its you should give this series a try. I have read a couple of Charles Todd s Bess Crawford books and I thought it was time to check out the mother and son duos other historical series the Ian Rutledge series The Bess Crawford books take place during WW1, but the Ian Rutledge series takes place just after the end of WW1 And, while Bess Crawford is a nurse at the front is Ian Rutledge a policeman at the Scotland Yard.Ian Rutledge is back at work after five years at the front But what not many know is that he is suffering from shell shock and he hears voices Or rather he hears voices of one particular man that he knew from the war A man that never got home alive and he feels guilty about it But he still tries to do a good job, despite the fact that he suffering from shell shock In this, the first book is he sent to deal with the murder of well liked Colonel Charles Harris who was shot while he was out riding in the morning He was seen by the house staff arguing with Mark Wilton, the main suspect on the day before Mark Wilton is also the Colonels wards fiance and Charles and Mark are good friends There is no evidence that Mark is the killer and the only man that says that he saw the two men together arguing on the day the Colonel died is a man suffering from shell shock That disturbs Ian Rutledge who starts to suspect that someone at Scotland Yard knows about is affliction and that he was given this case so that he would fail.This is the kind of book that takes awhile to get into You don t know that much about Ian Rutledge, but clues about him, about his time in the war and what happen to him, is revealed throughout the book In the end, I came to like him very much, he is a man that been through hell, that is trying to get back to the life he had before the war, but it s hard Jean, the woman he loves, broke up with him after he got home He was not the man she had known before the war and neither was she the girl he knew before the war And, it doesn t make it better that he is hearing the voice of Hamish in his head.The case was interesting, albeit the start of the book was a bit slow as much of the time, in the beginning, is spent on getting to know all the involved characters, their relationship with the murdered man It was in no way boring, but it felt like it took some time to get somewhere with the case But it s well worth it since it made you really get to know the characters, they feel well developed Rutledge had to during the days he was on the case painstakingly try to find out the answers from people that not always was that forthcoming with the truth And, I really liked the last part of the book when it all started to make sense and the truth about the murder was revealed I was surprised about how it all turned out and never suspected that kind of ending.I m looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series I like Rutledge, and I hope he will get better and that he someday will find peace Also, I really hope that he will meet Bess Crawford some day.