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To me, this book resembles the kind of modernism that forms, in the persona of Virginia Woolf, one of its central themes It is like nothing so much as a densely contrapuntal twelve tone composition Fragments of themes weave in and out of each other, breaking off, reappearing in new contexts the words and images often come apart, reproducing the sense of polyphony in the written medium It is a formal tour de force.The content is intensely interesting, functioning at both an emotional and a cerebral level One can learn a lot from this book, especially about Winnicott I ve read quite a lot of psychoanalysis in my earlier life, but never Winnicott, whom I know many discerning people think incredibly highly of I expect in work in the humanities, he s the most quoted psychoanalyst after Freud and Lacan Strangely, I have to say that what I did learn about him in this book left me somewhat cold Perhaps because of my own psychic issues, I could read Bechdel s description of his views on some topic the True versus the False self, the distinction between relating to and using an object, the transitional object, and so on and while I could follow the words on the page, somehow I could never keep it straight in my mind Different psychic possibilities would melt into each other the ideas just refused to come alive for me I had the same sense with the accounts of Alice Miller s work here Maybe it s just psychoanalysis that does this to me, though I m sure I got on much better with Freud, Abraham, Ferenczi, or whoever else I read back in the day.Anyway, that s Winnicott Bechdel s work is amazing Playing off the psychoanalytic ideas, counterposing them to discussions of Woolf, and to her own striking relationship with her mother her renditions of her dreams, with which each chapter opens her therapy with two different therapists and the process of writing both the book about her father, and this book itself the result is so impressive And, as many people have noticed, her resolute, unabashed presentation of herself, her feelings, her actions, is really brave. Well As an artist who grew up in a museum, as the daughter of a complicated and creative mother hi, Mom , and as a skeptical analysand, I found MUCH that spoke to me about Are You My MotherBut I have a strong bias against works of art that are about how difficult it is to make works of art, so I can t wholeheartedly endorse this as I could her previous graphic novel memoir Fun Home.Upon further reflection, I have to add that I am in awe of Alison Bechdel s bravery I spent no fewer than 6 days trying to write the three sentence review above These puny bits of self revelation my feelings about my mom are complicated, I ve been in analysis, etc are very difficult for me, but truly peanuts compared to the truths laid out in any given handful of panels in this book So maybe that s the point of this book for me My own struggles were reflected back to me through Alison s words and art, and I gained courage and, perhaps importantly, that very rare feeling of being slightly less alone. @Free Pdf Ù Are You My Mother? Ä A Graphic Memoir Of Alison Bechdel Becoming The Artist Her Mother Wanted To BeAlison Bechdel S Fun Home Was A Pop Culture And Literary Phenomenon Now, A Second Thrilling Tale Of Filial Sleuthery, This Time About Her Mother Voracious Reader, Music Lover, Passionate Amateur Actor Also A Woman, Unhappily Married To A Closeted Gay Man, Whose Artistic Aspirations Simmered Under The Surface Of Bechdel S Childhood And Who Stopped Touching Or Kissing Her Daughter Good Night, Forever, When She Was Seven Poignantly, Hilariously, Bechdel Embarks On A Quest For Answers Concerning The Mother Daughter Gulf It S A Richly Layered Search That Leads Readers From The Fascinating Life And Work Of The Iconic Twentieth Century Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, To One Explosively Illuminating Dr Seuss Illustration, To Bechdel S Own Serially Monogamous Adult Love Life And, Finally, Back To Mother To A Truce, Fragile And Real Time, That Will Move And Astonish All Adult Children Of Gifted Mothers All books have a price of admission.With some books, this price is so low, we never notice it Maybe all it requires to read some things is very low level literacy and a willingness to turn pages Other books require that literacy More vocabulary or willingness to use a dictionary Many books, most notably literary or academic works require that you have knowledge of certain things to get in the door, so to speak Maybe you need to have read Kant Maybe you need to speak Latin or French And some books have varying strata of requirements You can enjoy them at a base level no matter what, but if you have certain things under your belt, you have the opportunity to enjoy them at a much higher level The Sandman comics are a good example of this varying strata Anyone can enjoy the basic story But if you know mythology, you ll enjoy things much If you know Shakespeare, it opens up another level If you get superheroes, there s some treasures that are only available to you This book is like that But the big difference is that the vast majority of the story is occluded if you don t have a good working knowledge of Virginia Woolf and her works AND, if not an understanding of psychoanalysis, then at least a strong interest in it I have neither I m a fan of therapy, but not so much the strict Freudian stuff I m a cognitive behaviorist Despite this, I found the story interesting I enjoy stories about stories, and it s interesting to watch another person s journey trying to find the truth What s , there were interesting facts and tidbits scattered throughout that made the reading worthwhile To be fair though, I find stories about people struggling to write stories less appealing Maybe it s just too close to my real life to be fun for me In some ways, this might seem like I m damning the book with faint praise But the truth is, I don t think this book was really for me Whatever the target demographic is, I m not it People interested in Alison Bechdel s life People interested in psychoanalysis People working through complicated relationships with their mothers People who enjoyed Bechdel s Fun House People who have read Virginia Woolf s works People interested in Virgina Woolf Given that I only hit two of these the first and the forth The fact that I liked the book at all is rather impressive, and a testament to the craft Bechdel brought to bear in writing and drawing it. Wow I am having a hard time believing how much I disliked this book The two stars are for the drawings, not the text I found it recursive, uninteresting no, stultifying, masturbatory and at heart fairly hollow There are pages and pages of transcriptions from the writings of eminent Freudians, pages of Bechdel s therapy, and pages of the dreams of both Bechdel and eminent Freudians Perhaps my own psychoanalysis would be interesting to me though I doubt it someone else s surely is not Despite the claustrophobic focus on Bechdel and her anxieties, there s a curious distance here that fed my boredom and made turning every page a struggle It s ostensibly a memoir of her relationship with her mother, but I don t think this worked out very well It might be just too hard to get the proper distance when the subject of one s retrospective is still alive and opining on one s work I am a huge fan of Dykes to Watch Out For and I loved Fun Home A Family Tragicomic with all my heart This one didn t work for me Not even a little. I m a huge fan of Bechdel s previous graphic memoir, FUN HOME, which centers around her closeted father and the ornate family house where Bechdel grew up I ve read it several times, always moved and impressed by its narrative and visual power, and always finding new angles of interest with each reread Her new graphic memoir, ARE YOU MY MOTHER , ostensibly centers around her mother this go around And while it s brilliantly drawn and certainly an impressive psychological and intellectual achievement, I wasn t as engaged with its narrative.First of all, ARE YOU MY MOTHER is much meta even with characters referring to it as a meta book within the pages and it may have suffered for that It s analyzed and distanced, with overlaying therapy, commentary, criticism, and self consciousness that mostly reads as rather intrusive voice over It s of a psychological exploration mystery than a storytelling narrative, and sometimes reads as a self help guide rather than narrative non fiction Oddly for a graphic memoir, it actually takes the old adage of show don t tell and turns it around so completely that it takes telling to new heights, despite the presence of wonderfully evocative illustrations I began to resent the intellectual overlays that seemed to interrupt the narrative, and even though all the psychological exploration and analysis was interesting and smart, I kept feeling that it should have been submerged into the story itself rather than layered on top of the narrative like meta commentary.Still, it s an enlightening book, with some deep rooted personal and universal issues being tackled Perhaps if I was interested in nakedly presented psychoanalysis, I would have been engaged and affected, but I prefer my narrative to stay in story as much as possible, and I ultimately found the meta commentary intrusive and even off putting Rather than reading a story, it felt like I was listening to someone s therapy sessions and dreams, and those are conversation killers Don t tell me your problems tell me your STORY.The illustrations are gorgeous and touching throughout, with many poignant moments evoked through simple expressions and silent poses I just wish everything had been subsumed within the narrative and not been quite so analyzed and deconstructed.However, it WILL make you consider your own mother in fascinating and unsettling ways, so prepare for that I d strongly recommend Fun Home to pretty much everyone, but I wouldn t recommend Are You My Motherto almost anyone, including my own mother, who I see on here tried to read this after loving Fun Home which I gave her but then apparently gave up in disgust And I can totally guess why, as there s a lot in here that it s perfectly reasonable not to like.That said, I fiercely loved this book and it made me cry and cry Alison Bechdel is such a genius that I kind of just can t even deal with it, and this book is incredible in so many ways I m not sure I would ve felt this way if I hadn t read Fun Home first, though there s an analogy to be made between initially unappealing sex acts and a plotless, ultra meta comic memoir about object relations theory that is an extremely detailed and specific examination of a woman s relationship with her mother If this had been my first date with Alison Bechdel I might ve jumped up, grabbed my clothes, and run out of her room As it was, though, we d had such an amazing time together and I was already sort of in love with her, so I was willing to follow this book to places I otherwise wouldn t have been ready to go.I m not particularly interested in psychoanalytic theory, though I m conversant with its basic ideas as I was forced to study them in social work school Somehow this book actually made me want to go into analysis, though I think I might be better matched with a frightening Kleinian over a warm fuzzy Winnicott type Are You My Motherrepresented therapy and Winnicott s ideas in a way that I can see not being interesting to all readers, but that I found compelling In theory, there are few things I d rather read than a therapy memoir, but somehow Alison Bechdel is so smart and great and I love her drawings and the way she processes and presents information so much that I got super into this and felt completely swept away by it at several points It helps that I m personally interested in some of the material about using her family as comic book fodder, having known at least one tell all lesbian comic book memoirist myself in my day.In sum, I loved this book but don t come crying to me if you don t like it On the other hand, if you read Fun Home and don t like it and can somehow prove to me that you re not a complete fucking idiot and that s the reason why, I will refund any money you paid to buy it. This has been a very interesting read, different from Fun Home, in my recollection, by Bechdel s attempt to understand and relate understanding of her mother and their complex relationship through her self education in and personal experience of psychoanalysis There are dreams to be analyzed, comparison of their preferred authors Woolf for Alison, Plath for her mother Memories from childhood, both overtly happy and appearing quite sad And there are contemporaneous conversations, as mother and daughter test the ground between them.And tying it all together are Bechdel s drawings of her life This book is not as easily approachable as Fun Home It reflects all the difficulties the author experienced writing it But there is a depth present that any of us with a mother can appreciate.I do recommend this book with the caveat that the reader be willing to undertake some interesting reading in psychoanalysis interspersed with the author s life observations expressed through graphic novel I did and am glad I for it I found myself thinking about my life and my mother often while reading, thankful that my life was less complex than Alison s while also wondering at the multiple things I likely missed sight of along the way in my life.4 to 4.5 A new chlorine resistant swimsuit Is there such a thing I think that means swimming in the buff but what do I know Got your attention Great,.this is one hell of a sophisticated intellectual and emotional graphic book Author Alison Bechdel is simply awesome there is just no other way to say it BOTH of HER BOOKS are PRICELESS.She says My mother composed me, as I now compose her This memoir is not all about her mother yet I loved how it felt so real how Alison was TRYING TO FIGURE OUT BOTH SIDES OF THE COUCH OF WHAT PSYCHOANALYSIS DID FOR HER PARENTS I thought about this purpose of Alison s throughout..things circled back to her mother by the end Alison can draw like there is no tomorrow she is funny.brilliant fascinating.and heartwarming.I love BOTH OF HER GRAPHIC BOOKS But read FUN HOUSE first Another absolutely spectacular entry into the graphic novel canon But because its an attempt to emulate its brill predecessor, the glorious Fun Home , has less anchors or poetic ideas that pop up with artful disposition throughout this, a very unmerry meta effort it is a cranial deconstruction of prior psychoanalyses I suppose less hearty than the ode to Bechdel s father it succeeds less than her true masterpiece To be fair To top Fun Home Simply impossible PS Fun Home at the Ellie this 19th PPS Not a single dry eye at the opera house hard to forget