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!READ E-PUB ☨ A Stolen Life ☫ OnJune , Eleven Year Old Jaycee Dugard Was Abducted From A School Bus Stop Within Sight Of Her Home In Tahoe, California It Was The Last Her Family And Friends Saw Of Her For Over Eighteen Years OnAugust , Dugard, Her Daughters, And Phillip Craig Garrido Appeared In The Office Of Her Kidnapper S Parole Officer In California Their Unusual Behaviour Sparked An Investigation That Led To The Positive Identification Of Jaycee Lee Dugard, Living In A Tent Behind Garrido S Home During Her Time In Captivity, At The Age Of Fourteen And Seventeen, She Gave Birth To Two Daughters, Both Fathered By Garrido Dugard S Memoir Is Written By TheYear Old Herself And Covers The Period From The Time Of Her Abduction InUp Until The Present In Her Stark, Utterly Honest And Unflinching Narrative, Jaycee Opens Up About What She Experienced, Including How She Feels Now, A Year After Being Found Garrido And His Wife Nancy Have Since Pleaded Guilty To Their Crimes I was going to give this book a 4 star rating and be done with it Anything else felt douchey How could you give a book about a courageous girl who kept going and kept it together and raised two girls while in an unimaginably horrible situation anything LESS than 4 stars But then I thought about why I was giving the book the BOOK, not the woman, the book 4 stars I was doing it out of pity and sympathy The story of Jaycee Dugard is so horrifying and tragic that I wanted to give the book 4 stars just for that I couldn t bear to give it 5 stars, putting it right up there with the Count of Monte Cristo and White Teeth and the others I thought 4 wasthan fair as a pity vote And then I thought that going about it that way just wasn t fair I was treating this book differently because the subject was so horrible and frightening like giving any and every book about the Holocaust a 4 or 5 just because the Holocaust was so tragic So this is my honest rating A 1 star rating After I wrote this review, when I was looking it over for the final time before submitting, I boosted it to a 2 star rating out of pity I know The book flops around a lot To her credit, Jaycee acknowledges this in the beginning and says it was all a part of her process I have no quarrel with that whatsoever, but as a reader experiencing a book for the first time, it s distracting and cconfusing The book is also rambling, as if it could have benefited from a good editor I do not enjoy rambling books As for the writing style itself I hate myself for saying this , it s juvenile and stilted This is understandable the girl was snatched away when she was 11, for crying out loud She never had a chance to continue her schooling But that doesn t change the writing style of the book it just explains it A co writer or ghost writer could have fixed this nicely, but I bet writing this was part of Jaycee s healing process, so again, it s understandable.I know I come off as heartless I know I sound like a terrible person But I also felt pretty terrible giving this book a 4 star rating ONLY because I felt so sorry for the author and was so horrified by everything she had to endure at the hands of those monsters.I know I Hard to read, hard to review Please know that the two star rating is no reflection on Ms Dugard or my abject horror at what she experienced But I certainly didn t really like it and I m not sure I d actually recommend it to anyone The diction and syntax are somewhat simple, but that rang true, since her formal education stopped at 5th grade Parts were very repetitive, the graphic details made my stomach turn, and it skipped over the time period I was most curious about.Ms Dugard s experiences are horrific, especially the graphic descriptions of rape and Phillip s drug fueled runs No 11 year old, or anyone, should ever have to experience those things It s beyond bizarre to me that after years of sexual abuse and rape, including two pregnancies, a weird kind of normalcy and family developed Ms Dugard barely skimmed over the last decade or so of her captivity and that s what I was most curious about How did she raise her daughters in that environment yes, I know they were told she was their sister, but still How did they turn out to be so well adjusted and how did they handle the shock to their system that real life must have been How did she maintain her sense of self and sanity Why didn t she reach out for help during an outing or online or when his parole officer came over to the house I know there are true, deep seated psychological explanations, but I wanted to hear it from her Ms Dugard truly is remarkable With only a 5th grade education and essentially on her own, she survived 18 years of abuse, oppression, brainwashing, and boredom, to become, by all accounts, a fairly well adjusted, courageous, thoughtful woman With, I m sure, the help of many caring and competent professionals, Ms Dugard is taking control of her life, which was denied to her for so long, and refusing to be bitter about the past Good for her.Ms Dugard s story and similar ones Elizabeth Smart, Elisabeth Fritzl make me so paranoid How many other missing children are being held captive, practically in plain sight, and we just aren t seeing them And how many thousands of other children around the world are experiencing similar atrocities right now Ms Dugard was able to escape after 18 years, but so many children haven t and won t It makes me want to curl up in a ball in bed and sob all day long.Forbook reviews, come visit my blog, Build Enough Bookshelves. If nothing else, this book definitely shows the power of hope, gratitude, and the healing power of animals.In her own words, Jaycee Dugard recounts her life, her abduction, her abuse, and her eventual freedom from the prison of a disgusting backyard and her own fears of the world beyond it I read this in one sitting and was fairly enthralled throughout Dugard has a very distinct way of writing Very stream of consciousness, almost rambling in some waysand almost poetic and yet cuttingly concise in others, Dugard detailed her thoughts and emotions in a way that, although unpolished and sometimes childlike, painted a very clear emotional picture of her 18 years in captivity In spite of her horrific circumstances, I was overcome with wonder at her joy and gratitude whenever she talked about animals Through the years in captivity, she was sometimes allowed to keep pets, sometimes for mere weeks, other times for years but it warmed my heart that she was able to find comfort in the warm and unconditional love of furry and feathered friends As a huge animal lover, I found solace knowing that she at least had that at times and, of course later, her daughters I don t know if I would be able to go through what Dugard went through and come out as grateful and hopeful and positive as Dugard seems to be I don t know how I would react to being in her shoes I hope I never find out But either way, I am glad she and her daughters are free And I hope her captors rot in prison And that no one gives them a cat. I am definately going to hug my children a little tighter and make sure I remember the promises I make to them after reading this book I remember seeing Jaycee s face on missing posters and praying for her when I was a teenager I also remember the day I was watching the news and heard the news of incredible discovery While I was reading this book I could not stop thinking about when I was eleven years old Jaycee does a wonderful job of showing exactly how her life was stolen I guess because I am only few years older than Jaycee I can t help but think of all that has happened in my life during the last 18 years This book although it was a quick read was by no means an easy read Jaycee is an amazing young women At one point in the book she describes herself as a coward but in my oppinion she is anything but She is one bravest women I can think of After reading her story I was able to see just how much of a psycological hold her abducters had over her Thier is so much I want to say about this book but I just can t wrap my mind around it all at this time so I will be writtingas I sort through everything O.k it s been a couple days since I have read this one and I have had some time to digest things I m so angry at the system for failing her I can t help but feel like not only was she victimized by her captors but by the system who was put in place to protect her all of us really I can understand missing her on one or even two of the visits but over eighteen years is just ridiculous Probation officers came to that house over sixty times during her captivity why in all those times did nt they just one check the backyard The neighbor even called the cops to report that children where living in tents in the backyard When the sherrif came to ivestigate he never bothered to go into the backyard, once again I am left wondering WHY Jaycee s story has definately made me loose faith in the so called system I look at my three little girls and feel all theneed to protect them I m so proud of Jaycee for surviving not only physically but mentally to I really liked the part about the reunification process I honestly was very naive about what reuniting her with her family would entail I think of all she lost during those eighteen years and its mindblowing I want to thank her therapist for doing such a wonderful job with helping her I do wish she would have talked a littleabout how her daughters felt when they found out everything but I do understand her need to protect them I can t wait to see her build her foundation and rebuild her life. I, along with the rest of the world, waited for this book And I have to say I m disappointed According to the info I found on line Dugard did indeed have help writing this book What kind of help I don t know because it s obvious most of us couldn t tell when reading A Stolen Life Apparently, a Rebecca Bailey, who is a post trauma family reunification specialist is who helped with this book I couldn t tell.I tried not to be too hard on the writing while reading because of who the author is and what she went through She didn t go to school like she would have had she not been kidnapped, etc But the fact remains that I just can t believe Simon Schuster deemed this fit for publishing.The story isn t lacking The story is what happened to Dugard That can t be lacking if it s the truth I believe it is But the writing is severely lacking and there s only so much looking past one can do.The failed chances to rescue Dugard There were some But some of the chances the police had weren t really chances For instance, the police were supposed to search Garrido s home on the basis that Dugard was kidnapped in the same city town as another woman in 1976 I m willing to bet women were murdered and kidnapped in that town also, does that mean it was Garrido or that he should have been searched No That s not a missing chance.The police going to Garrido s and not inspecting his yard Yes, missing chance Garrido slipping through the cracks of probation and parole Yes, missing chance.But just because there are some missing chances doesn t mean we can make any and everything into a failed chance IMO.Believe me, I blame the police for their failures in this and everything else they fail at I believe in blame being squarely placed But I can t believe in that and then place blame where it doesn t belong.One very large missed chance is when a neighbor of Garrido s actually called 911 to report children living in tents in Garrido s backyard The police deputy who reported apparently talked to Garrido at the front door and left without checking the backyard That, my friends, is a missed chance and that alone is absolutely horrendous That alone shows how much society wants to protect the criminal and not the victim s.But oh, the police apologized That s classic Uh, hey, listen Jaycee, I m REALLY sorry you were held throughout so much of your childhood, all of your teens and a good portion of adulthood I m sorry that you were raped, abused, impregnated, withheld from your family, friends, life in general and that we missed the chance to protect you and save you I m, uh, really sorry about that Fuck you I hope she said that to the bastards FUCK YOU.In 2002 paramedics responded to Garrido s because of a child with a shoulder injury from a swimming accident Nevermind that Garrido shouldn t have had children on his property Probation and Parole was never notified.Nevermind that his probation and parole officer SAW children IN his home Oh, those were his brothers kids Duh Well, alrighty then Who the HELL CARES It ain t me in trouble.Another note I made while reading This is just a note to parents and caregivers who tend to think stuff like this doesn t happen Dugard relates in here how Garrido and his wife would drive to school playgrounds and parks and videotape little girls The wife would even talk to them at times, get them to do splits and to sit with their legs apart so Garrido could get good shots She even had a whole cut out of one of her purses for a video camera Beware That shit is REAL scary None of these little girls were hurt in the usual sense but I know I don t want some pervert taking advantage of my daughters innocence to get her to sit with her legs open and then use that recorded video for his own disgusting, perverted pleasure.Basically, the story here is a unique one but it s told in a way that s sort of aggravating, most likely because of her lack of early education.I do hope this was cathartic for her and I hope she lives a wonderful life, her and her entire family.I hope Garrido, his disgusting p.o.s wife, and all of the police who actively failed Dugard burn in hell. The five stars are not for the literary value of this book, but for the honest telling of what these 18 stolen years were like for Jaycee Dugard I am glad she allowed us to read this story in her own words, and not some smooth, glossy version of her story written by a ghost writer The simple language enhanced this book in my opinion You really felt the presence of that young girl reliving her story This is a remarkable young lady withstrength than I can imagine ever having I feel we each owe it to her to read her story For 18 years she was not able to honestly express what she was thinking and what she was feeling She felt invisible This is her way of saying I exist, this is who I am, and I have no reason to be ashamed I also support her desire to not let her abductor get away with his belief that the world would never know the details of what he did This book is a way to help give Jaycee back her life and her voice.In this country that does not honor its children, allows pedophiles to revictimize again and again, and then turns them free to victimize again, we owe the vicitms the respect of listening to their story The number of times that probation officers actually saw young girls in the home of this known sex offender and never pursued verifying who they were and why there were there is beyond belief, and yet it is true When are we as a country going to stand up for our children I would say this book would be too difficult to read for parents whose children who are still under 18 years of age. I read this book in one day I was captured by Jaycee s words and her story She endured so much and was such a brave woman I probably would have given up, but she pressed on and loved to tell a tale that no one could even think to write for fiction I read this in one sitting I would be concerned about anyone who could read this book without difficulty I had to pause frequently and just breathe to compose myself, and still feel sick to my stomach when I think of what she endured It is a horrific story and yet beautifully written Jaycee Lee Dugard is an extraordinary young woman and courageous in the extreme, not only because she survived her ordeal with compassion for herself as a victim and hope for the future, but because she tells her story in unflinching detail It is astounding to learn that she does not hate her tormentors, that she does not want that type of negativity in her life echoing the sentiments of many notable survivors of torture, extermination camps, extreme abuse, etc Amazing woman, simply amazing What was done to her absolutely defies imagination not only the sexual abuse and physical neglect but the extreme isolation, manipulation, and mind games And she helps us clearly understand why she was unable to escape even after she was granted a degree of freedom She is a hero and we all have something to learn from her story I wish her and her family well It s humbling to know that she shared her story with the world. I haven t read a memoir of this kind before They re so hard to read This need not be a literary review but a review of this woman s story, and I ve rated it a full 5 stars Like most of us I d heard about this over the years, but didn t consider reading her memoir until I stumbled across it in a second hand bookshop just last week Jaycee Dugard has done an amazing job telling us her story It would have been tremendously hard to do.Right from the start she did tell us it will be a bit disjointed and she might go off onto different tangents, but this is to be expected and I didn t mind her writing style at all She s done so well for not having attended school since the age of 11 I love that she loved to write as she was held captive and always had a love for reading.She s a gracious and forgiving lady, and the fact that she s emerged this way is outstanding She has formed an organisation to help people deal with events such as she s experienced, and anyone receiving help from her will be a lucky person, as she seems to have an amazing character after her horrific life circumstances I sincerely hope Jaycee Dugard is proud of her work in telling her story.