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Grounded is the second installment in the Airborne Sage by Constance Sharper and what a wonderful sequel it was It was well written and I was completely engrossed in Avery s story once again The story starts off where the first one left off at that huge cliffhanger I might add Avery is back and school and Mason is hiding out in the forests once again trying to keep an eye out for the harpies that want her dead Since there hasn t been any attacks in the last few weeks Mason lets Adalyn talk him into visiting her Mason still has another harpies come to keep an eye on everything, but the harpies, Patrick, is a friend of Adalyn s Patrick is a very confident and flirtatious kind of harpies He likes to try to come onto Avery a couple times throughout the book Although Avery has a feeling that things aren t all that they seem to be with him she puts those thoughts on the back burner because her BFF Leela is acting very strange She is secretive and out all hours of the night and Avery will stop at nothing to find out why she is being this way.All Avery wanted to do was go back to school and graduate high school, but it doesn t look like it is going to happen With Patrick being untrustworthy, Mason out of the picture and Leela acting so strange Avery is thrust back into the harpies world again fighting for her and her friends lives.Grounded was just as action packed as Airborne so readers will be pleased There is romance and wonderful writing that creates beautiful scenes all throughout the story I loved Grounded than I liked Airborne I think If you haven t read this series then you need to It is a must read if you re looking for something completely different Constance Sharper has done it again Kept me completely engrossed, that is Grounded is the sequel to Airborne, and in it we find Avery and Mason fighting not only sinister harpies, but also those who are trying to keep them apart Grounded has as much, if not , action as Airborne, and fans of Sharper definitely won t be disappointed. @Download õ Grounded (The Airborne Saga, #2) Ï At Last, Avery Thought That She Had Made It Back To A Normal High School Life Except For The Death Threats On Her Head And The Harpie In Her Backyard Trouble Never Stays Far Away Though, And Mikhail Hatches A Plan That Endangers Life As She Knows It Avery Is Drawn Back Into A Vicious Harpie War And Is Finally Forced To Confront Her Relationship With Mason Whether She Is Ready To Or Not Thanks to Constance Sharper for an ARC copy of Grounded, sequel to Airborne Avery and Mason, are they friends by circumstance or will the relationship develop into than an awkward alliance Just when I thought I could predict what would happen, twists and turns developed that were unexpected Characters I didn t like became likable, but then who were the real enemies Could Avery be gasp wrong She makes choices,but are they the right ones This is a fast paced story that makes for a good read I want to believe in Harpies, I really do And Sharper makes you believe that they are real. Grounded is the second installment from Constance Sharper s exhilarating Airborne Saga I really enjoyed the first book, Airborne, and left me wanting for so I was really looking forward into reading Grounded I had high expectations on this one because Airborne was really amazing And Grounded did not disappoint One of the reasons why I really love the Airborne Saga is because there is always something happening that will catch your attention Constance has her own way of doing that brilliantly and that s one of the things I absolutely love about her The whole plot was engrossing and gripping I feel so lucky to be able to read this Seriously, if you haven t picked up this book or the first one, you should grab one ASAP Avery, as always, I love her She s still the spunky yet caring and independent girl I ve known from the first book, if not tougher I love the fact that sometimes she doesn t need Mason in order to get herself out of trouble or save herself She s definitely far from a damsel in distress And finally, finally, after enduring the painful tension they had on the first book, Avery and Mason are finally together As in as a couple This is perhaps one of the reasons why I m looking forward to Grounded They complement each other and I also love how much faith they have on each other, it s just so cute and romantic The supporting characters are also entertaining and added certain thrill on the story Leela got involved on the whole Harpie thing but she quickly redeemed herself On the other hand, Adalyn finally got what she deserved cue evil laughs Okay, I don t hate her that much, just a little Teehee Eva, hmmm, I have a feeling about this Harpie girl and it s not a good one Then, there is a new character sort of , Patrick, who is another Harpie, and a strong and flirtatious one, too He s kind of interesting and I hope we can learn about him on the next installment, Windswept.If you enjoyed Airborne, you ll love Grounded I think this is my favorite Airborne book It s intense and definitely addictive I highly recommend this refreshing Urban Fantasy adventure about Harpies Constance Sharper didn t dissapoint me This book was just as good as the first one, if not better Loved all chars, story, narration and everything. YES YES YES YES KNOCK OUT Constance Sharper did it, she REALLY did it Sharper surpassed every single preconceived notion of mid series novels I have ever had and or felt She must have found the cure for the mid series blues because there was NO sign of it here, I mean none, not even a hint Beyond that, she created a second book with what I think is a stronger plot than the first.Grounded takes off right where Airborne left us hanging, and yes, I do mean hanging because Shaper also created an AMAZING cliff hanger in Airborne good thing I got to read both back to back because I m extremely impatient She also ties up somethings in this book for me I had some strange feelings about our main characters in the first book, not bad feelings, but just really different Expert from my review of Airborne Sharper also managed to do something with the main characters that I have never experienced before She created a female lead that meets my high expectations, she created a male lead love interest that I never fell for, but still love, and a female 2nd lead BF to the lead that I love to hate sounds interesting, right That s because it is and it is one of the things I fell in love with most with this book Quick overview of main charactersAvery is the type of heroine that I like to read, she s strong, slightly forward and I just love female leads that aren t whiney and scared She s strong and I definitely fell right in pace with her Mason tall, dark, mysterious, slightly aggressive and while most YA authors fight to make you swoon for the male lead, I have to admit, I never fell for Mason In my mind it worked out well, because it keeps me reading to see the relationship grow and try and understand Avery s passion So, maybe it will come, and I will swoon as usual Leela well, Leela and I have a love hate relationship I love to hate her I m not sure why, I still cannot pin point the exact reason that I have this feeling And while I love to hate her, I love to read her Another extremely amazing thing about Constance Sharper s writing, it is not very frequently that I hate a character, but love to read them I just think there is something buried under Leela that will come out I will just have to sit back and wait So, in Grounded we keep all of the above characters and build a couple other prominent ones that I will get to in a minute, first, let s revisit each character Avery Sharper held strong with Avery, never abandoning the strong sense of who this character is.Mason Ok I was totally right, I think I started to swoon somewhere in Grounded, but I like that I had to wait and let my feelings for him develop, keeps it real and a lot less loved you the moment I met you which is very refreshing in a YA read.Leela well, I don t like to include spoilers, but I will try and keep the spoiler rate low here, my strange feelings for her were totally justified and while I still have a love hate feeling for her, at least now I understand why In this book we also add Mikhael, Patrick and Adelyn to what I would call the main character pool Sharper also does an outstanding job with them, keeping up with her ability to create mystery behind each character to keep pulling you in I m still a bit floored at Sharper s development of characters, I find it unique, but simple, she somehow knows when its right to give you just enough about a character to keep you going until she gives you a little bit , building and building upon each characters background and present Sharper kept up with her action in this book as well, and dare I say that I was further on the edge of my seat for this book than in the first I think I can, because I was surely immersed, ignoring phone calls and all to keep reading Now I sit, attempting to reign in my impatient attitude, for the release of Windswept don t know the official release date yet, but be sure to watch for an Anticipation update for it Review by Sliced Open ReviewsSource Purchased Uhwell, as you can seethis book took me five days to readThat Doesn t Happen Often.Why did I finish this I don t even know Anywhowhat was up with referring to Leela as the girl And Nate as the boy I honestly cannot remember if this took place in the first bookbut I can tell you, I really noticed it in this book It was really kind of degrading to the characters It made me feel like I wasn t supposed to take them seriously, or even really consider them true characters to this story Perhaps this would have been picked up by an editoras with a lot of the other editing issues.There was all this notoriety going down with the harpies which confused the holy hell out of me How could their behaviour and emotions be notorious if no one knows they exist I get it, Sharper had to make it seem like Avery actually knew what she was talking about, but yeah, she didn tThe plot annoyed me This was written in a way that was very patronizing to the reader The plot was so dumbed down, that things were explained to you at least three times, just in case you couldn t understand it the second time around The plot was not complex There really was no need for this Nit pick There is just no way the conversation between Avery and Mason took 5 minutes while she was hiding out in the bathroom.I don t know, I just couldn t really see Avery actually playing politics and battle planning with the harpies None of it was plausible She really needed to be a stronger character with intelligence for the role she was given She just didn t fit the bill.I also had an issue with the magic not working for the majority of the book, then miraculously kicking ass later on I suppose all this growing that was being mentioned was meant to explain this And I would have been fine with it had there been some kind of build up to her being able to do some damage, rather than how suddenly, and conveniently, her magic was now effective Especially in the time frame given In one battle she barely phases the harpies, yet minutes later she s frying Mikhail NoI don t think so.The romanceOh my I can t really call it romance Avery and Mason were not a good fit Avery breaks up with Mason, and then somehow she expects him to still be her boyfriend Their relationship was all over the place There was no actual connection between them There was a need for characterization They all talked and pretty much acted the same The only true distinction between the lot of them were their names Not good.That aside the overall idea behind this series wasn t horrible I definitely preferred the first book over this one I most certainly will not be reading the next one If there had been a way to make the first one a stand alone, I really think it would have been better that way. Lovely Well written and I fell in love with the characters and also the plot It took me 3 days to finish and it would have taken less but I kept getting my Nook taken away from me so I had to span out my reading Mason and Avery FINALLY a couple I kept thinking that Adalyn was going to get between them but thank God she did not and Avery and Mason got together in the end even with Adalyn trying to kill Avery a few time It kept me entertained on the way to a football game when I had nothing else to do so I grabbed my Nook, Mp3 player, and a package of gum There was finallly some romance between the two of them instead of the constant battering and Avery crushing on Mason Mason fianlly returns the romance on Avery Also new guy name Patrick, other than trying to kill Avery a few time, I reaelly liked him even though he tried to break up Avery and Mason by saying that Mason is just going to leave her when he becomes prince because a Prince can not have a human wife Patrick Smith He has a cocky personallity that matches his grin He is described tall, even for a harpy reaching about 6 10 He tried to get the attention of Avery and almost succeeded but Mason came in Patrick said that he didn t want to kill Avery but he owed Adalyn alot so he tried to follow Masons ex finaces orders but failed Last fact about Patrick is that he is wanted dead or alive from the Harpy Prison with a reward for finding him I found two errors One of them i can not remember but when I do I will post it but when Mason and Patrick were going to fight ,so that either Patrick had to stay away from Adalyn or Patrick gets to go on a date with Avery, it described Mason as the taller one and Patrick as the bulky one with muscles while in the front of the book it described it vise versa Alll together I loved it and cant wait til the next book in the series This was a very good follow up to book 1 I enjoyed the character development that happened Harpies are so different from the traditional supernatural creatures popular right now It s nice to have something new and refreshing to read about I m also glad that Mason finally made a choice It will ne very interesting to see what happens next With the transfer of magic and a new leader