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~Read E-pub ☩ Snømannen ♫ Internationally Acclaimed Crime Writer Jo Nesb S Antihero Police Investigator, Harry Hole, Is Back In A Bone Chilling Thriller That Will Take Hole To The Brink Of Insanity Oslo In November The First Snow Of The Season Has Fallen A Boy Named Jonas Wakes In The Night To Find His Mother Gone Out His Window, In The Cold Moonlight, He Sees The Snowman That Inexplicably Appeared In The Yard Earlier In The Day Around Its Neck Is His Mother S Pink Scarf Hole Suspects A Link Between A Menacing Letter He S Received And The Disappearance Of Jonas S Mother And Of Perhaps A Dozen Other Women, All Of Whom Went Missing On The Day Of A First Snowfall As His Investigation Deepens, Something Else Emerges He Is Becoming A Pawn In An Increasingly Terrifying Game Whose Rules Are Devised And Constantly Revised By The KillerFiercely Suspenseful, Its Characters Brilliantly Realized, Its Atmosphere Permeated With Evil, The Snowman Is The Electrifying Work Of One Of The Best Crime Writers Of Our Time 2 StarsI am just not a Jo Nesbo fan I m sorry I tried I read The Bat thought well that was dull and confusing Then everyone was saying don t judge the series by the first two novels Jump ahead it gets soooo good So I was like, I will jump so far ahead I will go straight for the book they deemed so good that they made it into a bloody movie And all I can say is a resounding meh That s right it was meh very meh.The story follows our functioning alcoholic detective Harry Hole I m using the word detective quite liberally here because there seems to be flailing on his part and less actual detecting I do not understand why he is compared to the cautious and meticulous mind of Hercule Poirot or the brilliant and keen eye of Sherlock Holmes He is basically how I imagine most cops in real life to be which is completely useless He doesn t solve shit all instead he accuses everybody and anybody and when suspects are basically narrowed down to the last one he goes I ve solved it It s like my fucking dog has solved it at this point man The murder of young women and the use of snowmen as creepy calling card was interesting for the first bit then you have to trudge through 70% of the novel and about a million forgettable suspects before you get to the end which saved this novel from being given a 1 star rating The end is quite thrilling The murderer is found out, you get a glimpse into his mind which is alway my cup of tea , and then there s the chase and all that lovely action The only problem is you have got to be very patient and get through a shit ton of humming and hawing over the case to get to that juicy ending All and all is it worth it Not really the ending is good but I had to read a fuck ton of nothing before anything of interest began Also I m just going to go out on limb here after reading my second Harry Hole novel and assume that Jo Nesbo only writes women as whores, victims or crackpots Women in his novels are either ruled by their Vaginas or their emotions It became so sexist I wouldn t have been surprised if Harry Hole declared the murderer was a woman on her period PMSing hard Can Harry Hole have a strong female in his life whose panties don t seem to disintegrate around him because he soooo irresistible The writer has mentioned numerous times that Harry Hole is borderline ugly, just sits in silence, and drinks all day I haven t been to Norway but my god is the prospects that slim that the slurring drunk at the bar is the only option for these stunning ladies Until Nesbo learns how to portray women as the strong complex creatures we are, I think me and Jo Nesbo are going to have to part ways from here. This is a re read for me, it is the 7th in the Harry Hole series set in Oslo, Norway It is now a major film with Michael Fassbender as Harry, I admit to being intrigued to see how this novel translates into this movie We have the usual gloomy and downbeat portrayal of Norway, its weather and its people A young boy finds his mother missing and goes outside There he finds a snowman has appeared, adorned with a scarf belonging to his mother Oslo police have Harry investigate with his new partner, Katrine Bratt As Harry digs into the case, it emerges there are eleven missing women through the years and not a body to be found Harry concludes that there is a serial killer on the loose, an analysis that his superiors dismiss That is until Harry gets a letter from the killer looking to lock horns with him And so ensues a battle of wits in a macabre story with numerous twists My re read confirms to me that this is one of the better books in the series, although The Redbreast is my favourite Looking forward to seeing the film Many thanks to Random House Vintage for an ARC. If you like a complicated plot with a lot of characters and many twists and turns, here s the book for you Nesbo, a Norwegian author, is one of the Scandinavian noir mystery police detective writers This book is one of a dozen he has written featuring the police detective Harry Hole Nesbo is obviously a brilliant guy Consider that he is also a professional rock musician and song writer, and that as an economics major he has been a stockbroker and journalist Until sidelined by an injury, he was a professional footballer soccer On to the story in peaceful Norway, for years now, after the first snowfall of the season, someone builds a snowman in the yard of a woman and then shortly brutalizes and kills her Sometimes body parts and personal items are found in the snowman The perpetrator he she is obviously toying with the police.It s a long book 500 pages in the paperback I read and during the story, Harry solves the case five times You read that right four times during the investigation, the police think they have found their man, but they were wrong It s truly amazing to think that Norway could produce five people capable of dismembering women and taunting the police by leaving clues in a snowman, but there you have it, and it s a tribute to Nesbo s writing that these five scenarios and the clues and motives all seemed plausible at the time.It s also a tribute to Nesbo s writing that I never felt lost or overwhelmed by the complicated plot you just have to make a bit of an effort to keep track of character names We get a lot of local color of Oslo and Bergen and we follow Harry s personal life he s an ex alcoholic along with that of his ex , her son and new male friend An attractive young woman who is one of Harry s detective partners provides interest too A good read top image from henriksen.deviantart.combottom image Snowman by OhLizz on deviantart.com So I can t remember if I m watching TV or maybe I m listening to some NPR podcast or something, but I hear about this movie called The Snowman directed by the same guy who did Let the Right One In and based on a novel by this Jo Nesbo dude Hey Jo Nesbo I know that name I ve seen his books floating around on Goodreads I ve seen people I know, love, and respect reading, loving, and recommending his books But I found myself in a bit of a dilemma I started thinking about all the other times I ve tried to read a mystery thriller book from a series Patterson, Coben, that Girl with the Dragon Tattoo guy, Connelly, etc I always start strong, but those books have never really done it for me They re fine, but they never really go beyond fine I like books that are beyond fine In fact, from now on, when I really like a book, and someone asks me what I thought about the book I read and liked, and I have a chance to respond, and I also love commas, anyway, I m going to start responding by saying, Man, that book was beyond fine Ask me what I thought about Jo Nesbo s The Snowman Go ahead I ll pause here and give you a chance to ask Oh, I m glad you asked I thought this book was beyond fine A solid four stars I don t know five stars would be Maybe extraordinarily beyond fine Exceptionally beyond fine Incrementally beyond fine The Snowman is beyond fine This is the seventh book in the Harry Hole series, and it s the first book I ve read, but I never really felt lost or confused There are some references to prior events and characters, but things are explained well You can read this one without starting with The Bat I hear The Bat isn t all that great anyway It s below fine, I guess Nesbo weaves together a very intense page turner with characters that matter and twists that actually make you pause and drop the book for a sec before you can continue I blew through the second half of the book In fact, I woke up early this morning just so I could read the end of the story and I am not a morning person Thank God for coffee Can I get an amen I m excited for the movie I m excited to read Nesbo I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was caught up in this thing, and the ending did not disappoint Oh, and on a side note, I liked all of Nesbo s music references He threw out names like Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch He s got good taste Well, he mentioned Slipknot a few times, too, so maybe not Check this one out Let s hope the movie is just as good Or at least beyond fine. PERCH SPARISCONO QUELLI CHE TORNANO Se non avessi visto il trailer del film uscito in questi giorni, che mette insieme Michael Fassbender protagonista e Tomas Alfredson regista, un abbinata da brividi, probabilmente non avrei letto questo romanzo.Tanto pi che ho scoperto essere la settima avventura del commissario Harry Hole, nel frattempo arrivate a undici.E invece, l ho preso, iniziato, e letto In quarantotto ore Cio , divorato ho letto sette otto ore al giorno Meno male che era un weekend Anzi, no, non lo era, mi sono preso un luned libero per finirlo.Una sequela di clich , a cominciare dal serial killer il solito serial killer , proseguendo per il poliziotto dilaniato dai suoi demoni incarnati nel vizio di bere il solito poliziotto , l a impossibile il solito a impossibile , i soliti dirigenti che ostacolano le indagini i soliti ostacoli , eccetera.Per , una sequela di clich messa insieme con cura e sapienza, gusto e bravura Godibilissima, divertente, emozionante.Il mio problema con questo genere di libri che li prendo per alternarli a letture lente e complesse, ma poi non riesco pi ad abbandonarli L alternanza va a farsi benedire, io divoro il libro in questione, quello che rientra in questo genere di libri e dopo, una volta divorato, mi ritrovo davanti la lettura lenta e complessa che non progredita di una pagina.E mi chiedo cosa ci sia di cos avvolgente e attraente e gustoso ed emozionante nella solita caccia al solito noiosissimo serial killer, che sembrano tutti geni del male, quando invece sono sempre solo schizzatelli, pi o meno dichiarati Cos che inchioda alla pagina, perfino quando lo scrittore ogni tanto ha una sbavatura di gusto, ogni tanto una di credibilit , e magari il redattore ogni tanto pure sbadato Non come con i film horror, che servono a misurare la propria resistenza, voglio vedere fin dove arrivo, quanto posso resistere, sono bravo l ho visto tutto senza coprirmi gli occhi queste pagine non fanno affatto paura, tutt altro, sono rassicuranti Sar mica cos ingenuo da credere che tutto il male sia contenuto in queste pagine, che non ne rimanga fuori neppure un po Comunque, Trilogia Millennium a parte, preferisco di gran lunga il cosiddetto noir mediterraneo a quello cosiddetto nordico, che di serial killer si nutre, di rassicuranti corpi sgozzati seviziati squartati smembrati spolpati sbranati spappolati NIENTE SPARISCE, VA SOLTANTO DA UN ALTRA PARTE PSFENOMENOLOGIA DEL SERIAL KILLER La stragrande maggioranza degli assassini seriali sono uomini 84% Rispetto al delinquente comune, che normalmente utilizza un arma da fuoco, nel serial killer la percentuale di chi impiega questo mezzo di offesa si abbassa si nota nonostante che, anche in queste ipotesi l arma da fuoco sia il mezzo offensivo pi utilizzato , una certa predilezione per il contatto con la vittima questo ci dimostrato dalla ampia percentuale di strangolamenti, soffocamenti, annegamenti e dal massiccio uso di armi bianche da sottolineare che le donne rispetto agli uomini prediligono l uso di sostanze venefiche come mezzo di offesa 66% circa Il serial killer al momento del suo primo delitto ha, in media, ventinove anni generalmente un soggetto di razza bianca per l 83% dei casi , che, se eterosessuale, attacca di preferenza le donne 55% circa. Intense I loved it I really really liked the authors writing style It was detailed, unique, and very intricate I was googling stuff left and right Lol I can t wait for the movie with Michael Fassbender Yum Here s the thing about the recent popularity of Scandinavian writers and if you re a Nordic Thriller aficionado you couldn t care less about the distinction the novels are depressed, somber, filled with ennui, a lack of humor, with flawed characters if not suffused with a strong tendency towards determinism in short, whether you re reading Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, or Jo Nesbo you are likely reading Literary Naturalism If you live in Scandinavia you might consider this par for the course, ennui is imbued into the populace as it is also reflected in the works of prominent Russian writers Anna Karenina comes to mind Just as we continue to struggle here in the States with our history of slavery and the resulting racial tensions, so do Europe and Scandinavia struggle in coming to terms with Nazism and the Bolshevik revolution More than a few reviewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Nordic writers pre occupation with Nazism And yet, the rise in popularity of these Nordic thrillers here in the States is puzzling given our strong tendency towards literary Romanticism We like for the good guys to win, we like emotion, we like our heroes as opposed to anti heroes we enjoy free will, and in general consider ourselves in control of our own lives.Having said that there is excellence in Literary Naturalism The above doesn t mean we can t enjoy a well written novel, an intriguing mystery, a flawed anti hero, a well crafted story written in the style of literary Naturalism It doesn t mean we can t enjoy the works of Jo Nesbo I did.In Jo Nesbo s wordsI come from a family of readers and story tellersWith a librarian mother and a father who sat before the fire and told the kids stories they wanted to hear each repetition bringing something new to the tale Jo s foundation was carved in stone Again, in his own life story we sense the determinism filtering into his life he wanted to be a soccer star but an injury put a quick stop to this with a dreadful feeling of fate guiding his life he entered the military in the hopes something would happen what happened was Self Discipline thinking he might want to be an economist he entered the world of finance which he abandoned as well someone told him he could play guitar he only knew 3 chords and he formed several bands, Di Derre being the most successful and finally he wrote on an airplane to begin with and he never stopped The Redbreast is Jo Nesbo s third Harry Hole pronounced Hooleh novel the other two not being translated for a US audience as of yet and is Nesbo s claim to fame So, this is where we start Yes, the books should be read in order For an American audience, Harry Hole can be likened to Harry Bosch he defies authority, is an outcast within his own organization, is best left alone to do this job his office is at the end of the hall , is of an anti hero than a hero, has trouble with his romantic life, lives alone, has a fierce propensity for justice as opposed to the Law and once let loose is like a pit bull with a bone fastened to his jaws But perhaps the most compelling reason why Harry Hole has such a following is Nesbo s devastating characterization of what exactly comprises a flawed hero Upon reflection, American hard boiled writers don t come close to accomplishing the same This is not too dissimilar to the way Nesbo sees himself Bjarne M ller, my former boss, says people like me always choose the line of most resistance It s in what he calls our accursed nature That s why we always end up on our own I don t know I like being alone Perhaps I have grown to like my self image of being a loner, too.I think you have to find something about yourself that you like in order to survive Some people say being alone is unsociable and selfish But you re independent and you don t drag others down with you, if that s the way you re heading Many people are afraid of being alone But it made me feel strong, free and invulnerable.Andah, yes, there is the matter of plot So how do we justify this decided streak of fate determinism within the novels with Nesbo s apparent mastery of plot The two seemingly ought to contradict each other On the one hand, we have Nesbo s almost Shakespearean tendency to cast characters as marionette puppets on the strings of fate the very opposite of plot , while on the other hand we are riveted by the very complex actions and reactions made by Harry Hole during his investigations Nesbo is a master at not adding anything superfluous to his novels Perhaps it is an unholy marriage between the two that transfixes us His plots are intricate, very complex, the seemingly irrelevant details exposed throughout the novels become larger than life as the story closes, and they can weave through time, forward and backward, as the story unfolds But, with a little alacrity, we can remember we are reading Naturalism and so it isn t always Harry Hole making events happen, but rather the reverse, it is the events that move Harry Hole Again, it is a matter of preference but in Nesbo s case it is done with utter expertise as a writer.The exposition setting is often Scandinavia the weather is somber, the descriptions grey like, the people absorbed with alcohol and withdrawn, if not bundled and sequestered And yet, the dialogue and scenes are full of references to other millieus , continents, languages, and cleverly hidden philosophical references that speak to a widely cultured audience as opposed to American writers of this genre who rarely venture beyond the borders of their land, if not their own State And as with plot, there are no superfluous details Everything in the novels matters and Nesbo does not forget even the tiniest detail to which he s made a seemingly furtive reference earlier on in the story This is one of the biggest reasons why I love Jo Nesbo.I thoroughly enjoyed Jo Nesbo s The Redbreast and am currently reading the remaining Harry Hole novels I remain intrigued by events left undone such as the fate of our undiscovered villain in this and other stories You ll just have to read the novels to find out.Oh, yes, as with other series this review is likely to be repeated for all unless there is a drastic divergence from what I have written here So, if you ve read this review, you ve read em all Enjoy I was invited to read The Snowman by the publisher, prior to its release in cinemas in October 2017, and have given an honest review in exchange.As a little girl I used to love the first snowfall of winter, and the fun that accompanied it, like sledging down hills with complete abandon and snowball fights, but best of all was building a snowman Great effort went into making this little guy look good a borrowed cap and scarf from dad a few buttons from mum s sewing box however, the snowman in Jo Nesbo s thriller doesn t have such pleasant connotations, on the contrary, it elicits feelings of abject terror November in Oslo, and the first snowfall of the year covers the gloomy landscape A young boy discovers his mother missing and ventures outdoors to look for her, but all he finds is his mother s pink scarf wrapped around a snowman in the front yard that appeared mysteriously the day before And so begins Harry Hole s seventh investigation in this extremely popular series.Investigations reveal that numerous women have gone missing over the years, all of them on the day of a first snowfall, but their bodies have never been found As even go missing, Harry receives a letter from the perpetrator wanting to play games, wanting to pit his wits against Oslo s most famous serial killer hunter Let the games commence Harry is up against an extremely intelligent killer, and the tension never let s up for a minute the depressingly somber landscape only adds to the fear The plot is complex, clever, and leads to many suspects, each of them perfectly plausible, but all is not what it seems, and there are many twists and turns before The Snowman is finally revealed Another winner from Jo Nesbo.Thank you to Random House UK Vintage Publishing for my ARC. if this had been the first book i d read of the series, it would also be the last the other end she exclaimed, removing her hands from her face we ll have to begin at the other end in bergen no, harry whispered with the last air he had left in his lungs bergen s not an end could you he looked up at her saw her dark eyes fill with tears IT S MY PERIOD, she whispered.honestly i m amazed i bothered to finish i was completely unable to get lost in the characters or believe they could be real people snippets like the excerpt above just tell me the author believes very driven women who put themselves through law school and later work their way through a mostly male police force would use menstruation as a crutch couple that with all the transparent naming of movies bands and i feel like i know about the author himself than i do about a detective about whom i ve now read four books.