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The author in his Aquadisiac drag persona image from Cooking Channel TV, really I Am Not Myself These Days is an uproarious first person roman a clef about a drag queen in New York City His her wastrel life in the clubs, finding love with a gorgeous, rich, kind male escort, having adventures both good and bad and doing it all with much humor and feeling There is enough kink here for a room full of afros but the focus is on the humanity beneath the outrageous Who would think that you could care about a guy who wears fishbowls with live fish swimming around in them for breasts I loved his relationship with a female co worker, loving bitchy A river funeral at the end was quite poignant All that glitters can grow old, but this moving, engaging book was absolutely fabulous The author and his husband bought a farm in upstate NY, and are running a booming business from there Kilmer Purcell s Twitter and FB pages I absolutely LOVED this book Ad exec by day, infamous drag queen by night, Josh Aqua meets the man of his dreams at a club one night One problem Jack, the man of his dreams, is a male escort But for a while, Jack isstable than Aqua This is a simultaneously hysterical, insightful and heartbreaking book that I devoured in almost one sitting And if for no other reason than a fairly detailed look into how a drag queen gets ready for a night out, this book is well worth your time. apropos.i know a lot about my city.i know about all the places kilmer purcell held court.i know all but one of them are gone, now.i know the truth of a thing can lift you up in a rush of heat, and energy, and glitter.i know it can cut you open, too.i know i should not have read this today. The story is summed up pretty well by the author near the end The truth is, there s no movie of the week about a drunk drag queen and a crackhead hooker in love There never has been It s not the kind of thing people would care about People would flip right by the channel, either unbelieving or uncaring Who s the good guy Who s the bad guy Aren t they both bad If they didn t get what they deserved by the first commercial, it d be on to the breast cancer movie But that s not really true I love that this story is about two people on the margins of society, two quote unquote freaks, two addicts, two pathetic fuckups who see themselves in each other and fall in love almost instantly But the greatest thing about this book is that despite the neverending darkness of the plot and all the horrible physical and emotional atrocities described within it s fucking hilarious You re laughing and wincing and tearing up in a perpetual cycle You love the author and yet you re also disgusted by him You re pulling for his relationship with Jack to work even though they re obviously not good for each other But the story wouldn t go down so easily without the spoonfuls of humor When Josh wakes up from a vodka induced blackout to find himself on the subway, he thinks, Some people might get obsessed with figuring out how they wound up on the F train in drag, with no bag and only one shoe But that s simply not my style What s done is done I m sure I had my reasons. [ DOWNLOAD BOOK ] ♡ I Am Not Myself These Days ⚖ The New York Times Bestselling, Darkly Funny Memoir Of A Young New Yorker S Daring Dual Life Advertising Art Director By Day, Glitter Dripping Drag Queen And Nightclub Beauty Pageant Hopeful By Night Was A Smash Literary Debut For Josh Kilmer Purcell, Now Known For His Popular Planet Green Television Series The Fabulous Beekman Boys His Story Begins Here Before The Homemade Goat Milk Soaps And Hand Gathered Honeys, Before His Memoir Of The City Mouse S Move To The Country, The Bucolic Plague In I Am Not Myself These Days, With Plenty Of Dishy Anecdotes And Moments Of Tragi Camp Delight WashingtonPost I don t know if it s appropriate to describe an alcoholic drag queen s memoir of his relationship with a crack cocaine addicted SM male escort as sweet, but that is one of the words I would certainly use to describe this fascinating, wry, and wonderfully told autobiography Josh is a master storyteller whose quips and acumen are as sharp as his stilettos I found myself laughing and, at turns, crying at the details of his life and his relationship, a passionate love affair that was somehow as tender as it was damaged, as loving as it was abusive, as depraved as it was well, normal The brilliance and strength of this book is that it provides an unapologetic look at the grotesquerie of human relationships The grotesquerie is NOT because it s about a a drag queen and a male escort, but because it s about two people trying to find love, which is one of the hardest, most difficult, most confusing things two people can try to do. I Am Not Myself These Days was a Kindle deal of the day So I did a preview onand read the Prologue, which begins I m freezing The door to the balcony is wide open The wind has blown the bedcovers completely off my feet, and the room is dark except for the faint orange glow from the skyline outside I can t feel my toes On the forty second floor, the wind never stops blowing My boyfriend is standing over me with a knife Two nights ago, after he had come home from a three day crack binge, he decided that I could have the rest of the month to get my stuff together and move out of our, well his, penthouse He then returned to his regularly scheduled cocaine programming and hadn t come home since Until now Why s the door open I ask I was getting ready to kill you and then jump off the balcony, Jack says as calmly as if he were telling me what movie he was planning to see With that I gesture toward the W sthof chef s knife in his hand Yeah But I just got that for Christmas I admit, this persuaded me to pay the 1.99 for the full book.I felt especially voyeuristic reading this memoir of an alcoholic drag queen advertising artist and his often endearing relationship with a congenial high end SM prostitute It is very entertaining and well written, and I found myself quietly chuckling a lot.I have to wonder, as I did with Augusten Burrough s Dry, how an alcoholic can remember his days so clearly I have two beers and I m a little foggy on events They are both successful in advertising Maybe they are just good at using their creativity to fill in the blanks No matter, though It s a good book. This book is like dirty, dirty candy It s ridiculous and silly and somewhat awful, but just terribly, absurdly compelling It s a memoir by an young hot accountant by day, drag queen by night I read it a while ago, but I remember a few things he lives in a ludicrously tiny apartment, he moved to NY to be a writer, his rich ass boyfriend is an on and off crack addict, and his coup de gr ce drag outfit which he makes himself and wears in places like Lucky Chengs includes fishbowl boobs full of water and actual goldfish Amazing. I hate loving this book as much as I do I hate that it made me read it so quickly I hate the depth of my envy for its seamless melding of cynicism and lyricism, both overlaid with such sparkling wit I also resent that it made me use the phrase sparkling wit And I really hate that it will taint my enjoyment of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, because now shame, shame on me I desperately want Josh to be in Baja California, writingwonderful books and living happily ever after with Jack, who captured my imagination and my heartalthough I m not sure why. I remember reading this as a young gayling coming to grips with his sexuality, and honestly I came away from it thinking then what I still think today I so absolutely want high heel boots with fish living in them.