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Graphic Debut Space Opera Adventure Romp of the First OrderI love getting to know new authors and this is Sean Allen s debut novel From visiting his homepage devolutionnovels.com I knew Sean is a bit of a renaissance man with an entertaining style of writing so I gladly accepted his publishers generous offer of a review copy Since I haven t seen fit to give myself a Pad with or without an i I read this on my iPhone It translates to 1660 pages with the font I am using, just shy of 600 pages in print I would say I like long novels so that was a plus right there.What is it about It is set in a universe with lots of different races, all likeness with earth animals intended see the cast page But they all have a problem with the Durax, a diminutive race with mind controlling powers bent on conquering everyone and cruelly bend them to their will Against them is the Dissension, a rebel organization with a Serum that protects them from the Durax s mental powers But something seems to be wrong with the Serum so they set out to catch the assumed culprit who happens to be the last Human at least as far as she knows, she doesn t really know she is human but from what she has read she assumes she is Dezmara Strykar is a feisty rather likeable character and the whole mystery around her added a great deal of appeal to this book That s why it was rather frustrating to read the first fifth of the book since she doesn t appear until then.The beginning is a rather brilliant battle that makes use of almost every possible trope in military science fiction at least once and some of them many times and I mean that in a positive way It was thrilling action packed and frustrating because I kept waiting on Dezmara Things like that is author cruelty.The rest is a fast paced, thrilling romp of a space opera adventure that just asks for There is treason, double crosses, crash landings, rescues, pirates, traps, gambling, debt slaves, monsters, conspiracies, and strong characters.You might believe the that writer is a graphic artist since the descriptions are really that, graphic And that is the only real critic I would like to give, some of the description or events might be unnecessary drawn out due to wordy descriptions The illustrations are in fact made by Matt Dixon.Sean calls it Greasepunk and it gives me sort of a Warhammer 40k I have never read any 40k books but played the game vibe mixed with classic science fiction and a good portion of humor The banter level is acceptable you know it is important to me but it is the simple fun of the action that hooked me I liked this book and as I read it and by the middle I was hooked.This is a standalone book with a satisfying conclusion but open for books about the characters and the D Evolution universe I would gladly sign up for. Speculative fiction is not normally what I choose to read, but I loved this book The characters are fascinating, lots of action, and it s quite graphic I really liked going to the website and seeing the characters artfully depicted They are awesome. My review from www.rantingdragon.comOn October 1, 2011, Death Drop will burst onto the scene, leaving a trail of genre bending destruction in its wake This explosive debut novel by Sean Allen is the first book set in The D Evolution series.Humans are dead That s right, they were completely wiped out 400,000 years ago however, the universe is still populated by a myriad assortment of sentient life That life is threatened by the Durax, a heinous race whose bodies are weak, but whose mind controlling abilities have enabled them to conquer, destroy and enslave all who cross their path Fortunately, all is not lost A group of rebels known as The Dissension has a serum enabling them to withstand the Durax s telepathic assaults Or at least they did The serum is no longer safe and the Dissension is slowly losing their rebellion to the Durax.Dezmara Strykar has heard the stories of humans, and it seems that somehow she is one, possibly the last one She is willing to go to any lengths to keep that fact hidden Smuggling comes easy to Dezmara and is the perfect front as she searches for information on other humans She has quickly become the best smuggler around, gaining a solid reputation, but that reputation comes with a cost recognition.A double cross leaves a top Dissension soldier dead, and Dezmara is the prime suspect When multiple enemies start pursuing Dezmara, she is forced to muster every last ounce of her intellect, strength and skills to avoid being killed Death Drop starts with a BANG and ends with a BOOM It s a jungle out thereDeath Drop has many different races each one is described in such detail that it felt like watching anime in my brain Many are molded after Earth animals and have a variety of awesome talents It s clear these races have been culturally immersed for a very long time Almost all have been terrorized in some way by the Durax Many are enslaved some, transformed into crazed super soldiers, have taken advantage of the turmoil and formed immense criminal empires or joined forces with the Durax and a brave few stand in rebellion The rest are just trying to survive, if they haven t already been completely wiped out.Dezmara is a heroine with a quick wit and insane skills She s River Tam on steroids well, at least with an awesome flight suit, helmet and weaponry Every scene involving this high octane smuggler was heart pounding fun I enjoyed her encounters with the various denizens of the universe, although the accent of Simon, her mechanic, got pretty annoying I liked him, but I often wished he would lose his tongue I absolutely loved her guard cat, Diodojo.Other characters were equally impressive From the grizzled war veteran with the powers of Ice to the murderous, soul stealing enemy General, the various characters had distinctive personalities, striking physical descriptions and amazing abilities.I might need a neck braceEvery turn of the page brings about a new twist, intense space battle, or a fantastic new location The plot develops quickly and the action zips through the pages Dezmara, who I feel is the most interesting of the characters, doesn t even show up until a fifth of the way through, but the setup is so good you ll hardly notice Once she enters the story, prepare for some serious whiplash The double crosses, unexpected twists and mysteries characters continue to the last page.During many chapters, Allen s narrative wanders into alternating point of view This is not my usual preference in novels, but due to the fast paced nature of the story, it adds to the feel that this is like a movie or comic book than a novel, which I believe was his intention.BOOM KAPOW CLACK CLACK CLACK Death Drop is heavy on the action and almost every page includes some onomatopoeic sound effects This is another example of Death Drop s comic book qualities I ve seen this used often in graphic novels and comics, but much sparingly if at all in science fiction and fantasy novels Thankfully, Allen s use of onomatopoeia enhances the quirky feel of Death Drop and was another distinguishing facet of his style.I will advise that many scenes have detailed descriptions of gore and heavy doses of R rated language It fits with the style of the book, but is not advised for those under 18.Why should you read this book Sean Allen clearly had fun writing this book and I had fun reading it There s plenty of high tech gadgetry, cool spaceships, magnetic shields and vast space colonies for the science fiction buff The fantasy enthusiast will enjoy the multitude of beings that inhabit the Death Drop universe The ability to move rocks, shape shift, control minds or capture the souls of those they have killed are just a few of the powers presenting a magical touch There s something for everyone in this book The style is different from my typical fare and it won t suit everyone, but if you re adventurous, why not give it a go If you re still not sure, check out the awesome character art and download 280 pages free yes, free at The D Evolution Is it anime Is it a graphic novel Is it Space Opera no, it s Death Drop. This was a fantastic book It held my attention from the first chapter all the way through to the end It was exciting and action packed The graphic description of some of the battle scenes makes it definitely a book for adults I absolutely could not put it down If you like sci fi fantasy type books, this one is for you Great read with interesting characters and lots of action. Very fun and fast paced book I couldnt wait to see what happened next.Very entertaining I would highly recommend Death Drop. liked it, takes me away from every day life. &FREE BOOK ⇦ Death Drop ⇵ In A Time When A Live Human Specimen Would Fetch A King S Ransom On The Black Market, Being A Smuggler Seemed Like The Perfect Front To Search For Her People But The Cost Of Dezmara Strykar S Operation Has Forced Her To Win Each Smuggling Run She Enters Now Every Smuggler Is Gunning For Her Top Position, And Her Rare Black Zebulon Star Freighter Makes Her An Easily Recognizable Target But Dodging Jealous Smugglers, Safeguarding Her Human Identity And Solving The Mystery Surrounding Who She Is Will Become Harder Than She Ever Imagined A Mysterious Creature In A Black Zebulon Star Freighter Has Murdered A Freedom Fighter And Has Stolen The Only Weapon That Can Save Countless Worlds From An Unspeakable Evil Dezmara S Next Run Will Turn Into Much Than Just Cover To Search For Humans Dezmara Strykar Just Became The Most Wanted Murder Suspect In The Universe Now She Is Going To Have To Run For Her Life Almost finished and it richly deserves the 4 stars that I ave given it I ll write a proper review when I have finished the book. Highly entertaining so far Have not finished reading yetHave finished reading Now I see why it was so highly recommended.