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UPDATE 2.99 Kindle US 6 7 19The two books in this tome are AMAZEBALLS Book 1 The Crown of ConspiracyI fell in love with Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn right off the bat They are moseying along to get to their destination and they are over taken by a few bandits of sorts And Hadrian and Royce have this conversation with themselves and with the bandits Said bandits are a little confused at the relaxed manner of the Riyria men But once they find out who Hadrian and Royce are, they are beside themselves trying to get things cleared out for them to pass on their way with no trouble Oh, to have written that whole part of the book in my review of this first book So this jerk sets up Hadrian and Royce into stealing a sword from the king They said it was all easy since said jerk had already moved the sword to a hidden place I mean come on, who would fall for that AND they didn t want to do something short notice They like to plan for a bit, but they did it anyway and all hell breaks loose Anyhoo, so they scale the castle, get in and look for the sword and lo and behold, the king has been stabbed and the men are trapped and then of course framed Note There is a little b stard of a dwarf that needs to get his Moving on, so Royce and Hadrian are in the dungeons to be tortured and killed fjsdgadoghadoigaoihgaiodfdioshgaiga that was me cussing But the sweet princess, Arista saves them, sets them free and tells them they have to kidnap her brother, Alric, who put them in the dungeons to be killed to begin with It s all cray but I love it So they drag Alric off and finally tell him all that is going on Of course Alric is very angry thinking someone killed his father and wants to kill him and is worried for his sister But Alric s sister wanted him to go to a secret prison and see a wizard there named Esrahaddon But lets backtrack for a minute Along the way they stop at an abbey but they find out it has been burned to the ground and the monk, Myron is there all alone trying to rebuild the library by re writing all of the books I fell right in love with Myron He is sweet and funny and omg he has never left the abbey since he was four years old He had never pet or ridden a horse, never seen a woman, never seen anything Period They talked Myron into going with them and the new king, Alric said he would give him a job Poor Myron didn t want to go, he was scared but they finally talked him into it And he was amazed at the world outside It was so sweet Now back to the prison Royce finally figures out how to get into the hidden prison, they meet Esrahaddon who is 900 ish years old Against their better judgement they set him free And now I wonder what he is going to end up doing to the world when we get back around to him After all of this, the gang head over to see Count Pickering and tell him what all happened The count says he will side with the new king, Alric and starts gathering his forces But they get word that Alric s sister is going to be put to death for treason and is being called a witch I mean she did learn some stuff from Esrahaddon but so far she s a good person and it s the evil uncle that wants them all dead so he can rule Jerk Count Pickering s peeps aren t all going to get there in time so Alric sends Royce and Hadrian ahead to save Arista which they do ha, it s so awesome and funny Let s just say some peeps are beheaded and things are set right for now Oh and they leave a little message on the wall of a jerk that was going to side with the evil uncle Book 2 AvemparthaHoly sh t balls I loved this freaking book Okay, so it s like a couple of years later if I read that right Hadrian and Royce are out to seek revenge on the man that almost got them killed, but circumstances changed that and they end up following a girl Thrace back to her home in Dahlgren She s afraid for her father because a creature that turns out to be a Gilarabrywn is killing everyone in their little town Some of Thrace s other family members have been killed and she can t get her father to leave In this book we only have Alric in the beginning of the book when he makes Arista the Ambassador of Melengar She has to go and deal with some jerks And the old Bishop Saldur who is a snake and was for their uncle in the first story, is still in the second book being a jerk Oh, I hope someday he gets his And, Magnus the dwarf that I thought very badly of in the first book, he made up for it in this second book I fell in love with him And I love the banter between him and Royce We find out some revelations about Royce YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I knew it too I m not saying a word, just yeah, I m looking forward to some cool things going on in the next books And we find out a few things about Hadrian OMG, I love them both I can t help it The wizard, Esrahaddon, who now goes by, Esra Haddon, is in the same little town I actually like him a lot, unless he does something bad in the next books I never did mention that he had his hands cut off a billion hundred years ago He s still got some mojo though And don t you love the play on his name D At one point, Arista ends up at this little town too They are all up in a castle above it and are having some games on who can defeat the Gilarabrywn And of course there is some dumb set up with the evil peeps Oh and some of the Pickering boys are back and I just love them Mauvin is my favorite I keep hoping something will happen with him and Arista but she just sees him as a brother Royce, Esra, Hadrian and even ole Magnus are trying to get into the tower to get this sword because it s the only way to kill the Gilarabrywn Well, all kinds of things go right and wrong there Some people die that I wish didn t die I cried during some parts, for sadness and for the awesomeness And me thinks there be elves in those woods I love this book, Theft of Swords I love the characters, even the evil ones are written perfectly I love the world, I love every little thing Accept I want Millie to come back, for those of you that know who Millie is I look forward to continuing on in this world MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List 3.5 A fun escapist fantasy Will continue the series 2.75 5 StarsBuddy read with my favorites Sarah HaifaThis is an unpopular opinion, out of all my friends I m literally the only one who rate this book lower than 3 so if you re easily offended please don t read this review Don t let my average rating fool you into thinking this is an average series, that s my cumulative rating of the two books included in Theft of Sword and right now, I can t really make a final decision on whether to recommend this series or not yet because of how this six book series stories are structured My review for each book within Theft of Swords will be combined since I don t want to make this review too long than it already is but before I start my review, I would like to say something that s been bothering me ever since before I start reading the book and that is the horrible cover to this omnibus.This omnibus has got to be kidding me with its cover, it s in my opinion that out of all the books I have, this is the number 1 worst book cover I have in my possession The characters in the cover clearly don t match the description mentioned in the book and I m pretty sure it also doesn t match what s in the author s head Hadrian is supposed to be BLOND, instead we get a black hair shaved Christian Bale look alike in the cover who can t stop staring at the reader Royce looked like a drug cartel that was given a sword and suddenly transported to a middle of a war Both of them stare at the reader as if it s our fault they re in the cover, look at it and see if I m wrong God, make them stop, I can feel their stare even when I m typing this I ll take the anime fan art version of Royce Hadrian compared to the one in this cover any day.In my opinion, Marc Simonetti should ve been the one who do the cover the art to Riyria Revelations, his artworks is perfect for high fantasy series and I m really glad he s the one doing Age of Myth and its sequel I ll begin my review after showing these gorgeous arts of the two book inside this omnibus done by him.Crown ConspiracyAvemparthaThe plots within the first two books are mostly very simple and short I find the plot of the 1st book a huge struggle to go through as it s super underwhelming It s too simple, short and it doesn t even come close to the true definition of epic fantasy I like to think that the first book served as a 300 pages prologue rather than a complete installment The 2nd book clearly improved in its plot line delivery and pacing, it s like a true beginning to the main story itself that deals with The Heir of Novron Think of the plot structure like a TV series, within each season there s always one main plot line but to reach there, there s a lot of stories and episodes to go through first To make it even simpler, think of this series as one huge book divided into six entry Even though this kind of structure doesn t work for me as an individual installments in books, it could still work as a series and I really can t wait to see how this all plays out in the end.Michael J Sullivan s writing is very simple and really easy to read This make the story and world building aspect of this book really easy to imagine, plus the fact that it borrowed a lot of tropes from classical fantasy make it so much easier to access for everyone This could be seen as something positive or negative depending on what you re looking for, I m in between on this aspect The positive is I find Elan, the world which is reminiscent of LOTR very easy to imagine and dive into but at the same time, there isn t anything original here, not even the characters One of the biggest problem I have with this book also lies within the writings The narrative is done in a way that felt almost omniscient which means we never get to be inside the head of the POV characters This made me feel very detached from all the characters, even Royce Hadrian cause we never get to know their inner feelings and thoughts behind their actions, we only get to see them from an observant perspective I always love when I could connect with the characters, know what s going on inside their heads, their feelings, truly understand them but sadly the narrative in this book drove me away from that enjoyment and this will take some time getting used to.Currently, I seriously still have no idea why everyone s raving about Royce Hadrian being the best duo ever written, not only I ve seen these two character than a hundred times already in the video games I played, them being the main characters certainly doesn t get enough spotlight in the first book Sure they re almost in every scene but all their background are purposely withhold and all we get is the typical Royce, the reluctant supposedly badass hero who always ended up helping his partner Hadrian, a strong fighter with his goody two shoes personality This make their characteristic really flat and cliche I find the supposedly fun and funny banter between Royce Hadrian to be so scarce and when it s there, it s not even interesting Most of them always end up with Royce complaining about Hadrian s goody two shoes personality That s it One of the most amusing dialogues for me happened literally in the first chapter of the first book, and that s between Hadrian and a banditHadrian shook his head and sighed Why do you have to make everything so difficult They re probably not bad people just poor You know, taking what they need to buy a loaf of bread to feed their family Can you begrudge them that Winter is coming and times are hard He nodded his head in the direction of the thieves Right I ain t got no family, flat nose replied I spend most of my coin on drink You re not helping, Hadrian saidFor all the talk about them being some kind of legend, we only get to know about their deeds in the past, we never truly see it in actions in the current story except for Hadrian This case holds true especially for Royce, all he did in the first two books is literally all talk and open doors, he didn t even get to use his knife to fight his enemy, probably once or twice but again, we didn t get to really see it This make it seems like I should read the prequels first before starting this series The withholding of information on their background doesn t help either, I predicted Royce s background ever since the beginning of the first book where it s shown he can see in the dark and the first encounter with a view spoiler elf slave hide spoiler Two words.MIND.BLOWINGRiyria.It s elvish for twoWhat happens when a sarcastic thief former assassin and an idealistic mercenary brilliant swordsman get in the way of a conspiracy for world domination Epic fantasy at its finest ,that s the answer.Include some legends about a God s heir who is going to unite the world,a plotting Church with a secret agenda,Elves who are waiting for the opportune moment to gain their lands back,swordfights,prostitutes,monks,hidden prisons and witches and that s it,you have a masterpiece in your hands and a new favorite author in Michael J SullivanSo you want us to escape from this prison,kidnap the king,cross the countryside with him in tow while dodging soldiers who I assume might not accept our side of the story,and go to another secret prison so that he can visit an inmateIn the mythical land of Elan,where empires rise and fall,nobles and priests scheme,Elves are mistreated by the humans and witchcraft is a vile thing,a duet of thieves has become a legend.Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater couldn t be different.Hadrian is the talkative one,who shows compassion and kindness,who wants to do the right thing,something that s not always working for him since he is a mercenary.On the other hand,Royce is cold,sarcastic,calculative and ruthless,he lurks in the shadows and can kill without making a sound.When this bizarre duo was framed for the murder of a king and the only way to save their lives was to keep alive the prince and free a dangerous prisoner,they interfered in a grand conspiracy set to alter the governments and the structure of the realms of Men.And when they were hired to steal a magical sword from an elvish tower while a monster terrorized the nearby village,they got in the way of some very powerful people who did not tolerate such disturbancesRoyce stared out at the tower in the middle of the river and considered why jobs involving stealing swords were never simpleI don t think I can properly praise Michael J Sullivan.There was not a single moment that I was not hooked in his story,his descriptions were sufficient but not boring,his characters well painted,the dialogues witty and the banters between Royce and Hadrian excellent and amusing Everything about these two screamed badassery,their past was covered in mystery and secrets we have yet to discover,they were simply perfect.There was no romance,but the women in this novel were not mere tools,despite the low appreciation against their gender,and even the minor characters added some perspective and completed the spectacular world Mr.Sullivan created.If you are into high fantasy,this is definitely a book you should read.And if you re not,it s an excellent opportunity to dive in the world of magic and epic battles.If I could give Theft of Swords than 5 stars,I would.Because it is that good. Theft of Swords is a compilation of two books, The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha In both of the novels the heroes, Hadrian and Royce, were hired to steal a sword, which causes a downward effect of dangerous adventures Slow clap These two novels ended my year on such a high, that I am grateful for Mr Sullivan s work I am so glad I didn t find the books I was in search for at Barnes and Nobles, and instead bought this one The novels were fast paced, adventurous stories, that hooked me in from the first chapter in The Crown Conspiracy At times I stopped breathing during the most intense moments I liked how Mr Sullivan kept the sword fight to a minimum, because it really made the fighting scenes amazing They were also at the level of perfect detail to imagine the whole scene without really thinking too hard Scenes just seemed to wonderfully flow YES, some of the names are so hard to pronounce that I made simpler names, or called people by their occupation Good thing there is a glossary The characters were awesome Not simply, because they have cool skills, like Hadrian with his swords, or Royce with his stealth, but of comedic interactions with one another Hadrian and Royce couldn t be opposite in personality Royce with I hate everyone demeanor and Hadrian wanting to save everyone, but they have a great relationship that keeps them alive They could be so sarcastic to one another that I couldn t help but laugh I laughed a lot between the two novels because of the sassy remarks of Royce, and Esrahaddon the wizard , or even Alric the king who was full of himself My favorite character, even though the main ones were outstanding, was Myron He was so innocent I wanted to coddle him and keep him safe in my pocket He said some adorable things, which just made me chuckle and made him ten times cuter He was so afraid for the horses I was a little upset that Myron wasn t in Avempartha I really hope to see him in the next novel He is the best EVERYONE MUST LOVE HIM The last thing I want to mention that there is a clouded mystery Sullivan did an impeccable job keeping that mystery just out of reach of your finger tips, and leaves you guessing He gives you enough information to satisfy your urge to know, but leaves you still wanting So YES I will be reading the whole series, especially because I bought the next two books with my Christmas money IamsoexcitedthatIjustcanthandletheanticpation Read the series and tell me what you think Check out my blog here reading. Those that know me, are aware that I never rate or review my own books But I do use this space as a way to update you on things that you might find interesting Update 08 03 18 I m honored that The Riyria Revelations books have made a 50 BEST FANTASY BOOKS OF ALL TIME list Thank you Nerdmuch Update 06 19 18 Theft of Swords was picked by Barnes and Noble s Sci fi and Fantasy blog as one of their 12 favorite heist stories with a fantasy twist Click here to read the full story and see all the picks Update 10 14 16 Today only Theft of Swords Riyria Revelations 1 2 is 2.99 as part of s Daily Deal That s two books for 1.49 each Here is a link to get a copy for yourself The book has 37,300 4 5 star reviews on , Goodreads, and Audible.com And, it s part of the Whispersync program, so if you buy the ebook, you can get the audio book deeply discounted as well.Update 06 05 16 Theft of Swords was chosen for Audible s Editor s Choice Sale So, until June 13th you can get it for just 4.95 Besides Theft of Swords there are a lot of other great fantasy titles on sale including Full review now up 3.5 5 Buddy read with these gangsters Oppa Breadstick.So first thing I noticed after purchasing theft of swords, was the hideous cover Yuck I hate it Seriously the description in the book of what Royce Hadrian look like is nothing like the cover, for one Hadrian is a gorgeous blondie, why for the love of God does he look like a bald cretin on the cover Seriously the cover did leave a sour taste in my mouth Apart from the ugly cover i also hated the name of the book, Theft of Swords its just so un creative and blah So basically in this one book you get two different stories The Crown Conspiracy Avempartha which ironically are both much better names then the actual title that was chosen Anyway I didn t hate reading this book it was well written and had a good plot, it just had so many issues, like for one the strange POV that it is told in My friend Petrik said it is omniscient third person POV Okay don t get me wrong i did end up getting used to the POV it just struck me as strange and annoying It was seriously like reading a script for a movie, there was 0 emotion But what I hated most about this POV is it prevented me from having insta love for the characters, I didn t no what they were thinking or feeling, so it felt cold to me and I can t possibly love characters if I can t dissect their mind In my personal opinion the main characters were kinda lame in the beginning I just didn t understand the bromance, they spoke a lot about things that happened in the past to give them a badass reputation, like hello am I missing something Seriously where even was the bromance or badassery Also don t do what I did and start your Riyeria journey with Theft of Sword, I suggest reading the prequel first, so you actually understand the bromance In the plot there was 0 action, I m blood thirsty and there s no blood Like I literally didn t see any badassery from either of the two Main Characters in The Crown Conspiracy or any good proper fights in either book snorts boring, I feel book two did pick up the pace and was interesting but it was still just cliche and abit boring I was patiently waiting through a whole book to be wowed and I wasn t once Yep not once..Differently not a favorite And to be honest I couldn t give a shit about the bromance , I didn t really get their inside jokes either It is nowhere near as good as Wax and Wayne Mistborn era 2 bromance for me But it was a good book, I did smile while reading it and loved two of the background characters The idea of two unlikely heroes saving the day, a thief and a trained killer, was one of my favorite aspects of the story The Crown Conspiracy didn t interest me until the last few chapters and I got a taste of some action finally , also it was pretty much focused on Alric and I did not like Alric.The plot was about Hadrian and Royce being framed for the Kings murder then escaping and kidnapping Alric the heir to the throne and they go on an adventure Sounds awesome but my personal opinion is it was pretty boring So to my surprise I liked Avempartha, I literally had so much fun reading it, the banter improved in the story aswell as plot pacing It had a very typical fantasy plot with a monster and a extremely cliche ending, but it was hilarious The handless wizard made me laugh,If this hast been done to language, I fear to know the fate of all else Royce really grew on me, I loved finding out about his past He is so cool and smart I love how he is always grumpy one of my favorite partsI hate dwarvesArista was a favorite from the start, I love strong females I also did start to like Hadrian he is just abit soft for my liking, honestly for a big badass mercenary with a killer past, he was pretty boring I just wanted him to bash someone and prove how good he was with weapons like his reputation says, sad to say it folks, there was no badassery from this guy The only part I really enjoyed was when he was teaching weapons to a certain someone I did however find Hadrian to be quite funny at times and I can relate to being pretty dopey and accident prone, one of my favorite parts,You might want to clear it some A single stone can ruin a night s sleep I ought to know it seems whenever I sleep outside, I always end up with a stone under the small of my backThis is me also and this is why I hate camping.Time to talk about my favorites,Myron, seriously I LOVE HIM He was so funny, i swear I only continued reading book one because of him and the things he would say So basically Myron is a forgotten child who was sent to a monastery He hasn t ever really been outside, cries over burnt books totally relatable If there was a house fire here I would grab my son and my books he has also never seen a horse or a woman before So as you can imagine he was an interesting travel partner One of my favorite parts,This is a beautiful place, Myron declared, his eyes darting about the room There is so much going on, so many conversations Speaking at meals wasn t allowed at the abbey, so it was always deathly silent Of course, we got around that rule by using sign language It used to drive the abbot crazy because we were supposed to be focusing on Maribor, but there are times when you but there are times when you simply have to ask someone to pass the saltHe is talking about a pub lol.I will continue reading this series as I m interested in seeing how it will progresses I have been told the books improve with each one so I m excited to find out I recommend this to people who are not looking for a blood bath and instead would prefer a nice fantasy read with a HEA ending Also there is no swearing and basically no violence, this could be a great introduction into Fantasy for younger readers 15.If these were two separate books I would have rated as follows The Crown Conspiracy 3 5Avempartha 4 5 *Download Book ☠ Theft of Swords ⇲ THEY KILLED THE KING THEY PINNED IT ON TWO MEN THEY CHOSE POORLYThere S No Ancient Evil To Defeat Or Orphan Destined For Greatness, Just Unlikely Heroes And Classic Adventure Royce Melborn, A Skilled Thief, And His Mercenary Partner, Hadrian Blackwater, Are Two Enterprising Rogues Who End Up Running For Their Lives When They Re Framed For The Murder Of The King Trapped In A Conspiracy That Goes Beyond The Overthrow Of A Tiny Kingdom, Their Only Hope Is Unraveling An Ancient Mystery Before It S Too Late 3.5 stars This was such a fun, fast read.Theft of Swords has everything a fantasy reader wants engaging characters, good plot, appropriate world building what lets it down is that I was never quite invested in the lives of our 2 male leads, Royce and Hadrian.If that wasn t disappointing enough, Sullivan ensured that the male characters were relevant while the women were depicted as either evil or prostitutes This pulled me out of the story completely Further, the scope of the world building was slightly simplistic, falling far short of my ultimate fantasy world flag bearer Grishaverse Created by Leigh Bardugo On the plus side, there s magic, lol moments with our protagonists, and enough suspense to keep you engaged from start to finish The king was assassinated, someone set up Hadrian and Royce, our mercenaries for hire as fall guys Will they survive the treachery Re Read with all my fantasy friends at Buddies Books Baubles Starting Jun 22, 2019 Just as good the second time around and since I ve also read I m looking at the lore of that time a little closely It is fun to see the historical inaccuracies as time changed the legends of the past.Hadrian and Royce s bromance is a fantastic read on page.Original Review Theft of Swords This is my very first Omnibus, actually before this I didn t know what an Omnibus was so halfway through the book when the first story ended and the next one began I was surprised But YAY score two books for the price of one.who doesn t like that kind of deal Fantasy is my first love and I always enjoy it when I find a new series to get excited about Michael J Sullivan has the possibility of becoming one of my favorite fantasy authors This book had some of the things I really love in a storyBROMANCEI totally enjoy a good pairing of friends that play of one another and are so different but work so well together like Tyrian and Brom Game of Thrones , Waxillium and Wayne Mistborn 4 7 and Sean and Gus PsychNow added to that list is Hadrian and RoyceThievery and ShenanigansI love that they aren t really the good guys.their allegiances are to the highest bidder and forget words like duty and honor.those will just get you killedI don t have any political leanings They get in the way of my job Noble or commoner, people all lie, cheat, and pay me to do their dirty work Regardless of who rules, the sun still shines, the seasons still change, and people still conspire If you must place labels on attitudes, I prefer to think of myself as an individualistInteresting CharactersNot only are Hadrian and Royce interesting but they meet a slew of others along the way that are completely interesting too Like a princess that could either be trying to save or kill her brother, a magician who has been locked in a tower for almost a thousand years, a curious monk and some sword fighting brothers And that is just in the first story.Humor One of the great things that I found in MJS s writing was the humor both in dialogue and situation Royce and Hadrian seem to find trouble everywhere they go and it apparently they took one job that was just too good to be true and ended up in a heap of trouble But it was extremely fun watching them get out of itSo, Royce said, you want us to escape from this prison, kidnap the king, cross the countryside with him in tow while dodging soldiers who I assume might not accept our side of the story, and go to another secret prison so that he can visit an inmate Arista did not appear amused Either that, or you can be tortured to death in four hours Sounds like a really good plan to me, Hadrian declared Royce I like any plan where I don t die a horrible deathBook I The Crown Conspiracy 3.75 Stars This is of an introductory get to know the characters and set everything up book Still a lot happened and I enjoyed my time getting a few glimpses into our dynamic duo and the world they live in.There were conspiracies afoot everywhere and I didn t know who to trust Add in a good sword fight, an evil plot by a church and the rescue of a damsel in distress and color me happy Book II Avempartha 4.25 Stars Now that we understand our characters a little better it is time for them to play the reluctant heroes This ties in a little with the characters of the first book bringing back a few we saw before There is also a monster to be slain, a damsel in distress man those chicks are everywhere , an Elvish Tower, and dare I say some set up for an overall arc that will eventually lead to some elves and possibly a lot of magic crosses fingers I liked this story just a little better but that had a lot to do with the widening of the world building and the set up for a larger series arc I know is coming Plus there is a dangerous wizard running around and he seems to be keeping tabs on Hadrian and Royce and who knows what team he is really playing for Overall 4 Stars I m looking forward to reading how this world opens up and I definitely enjoyed this first Omnibus The Omnibus really makes the stories the perfect size to pack a lot in without being overly wordy and too lost in description.PLUS if you like Audiobooks at all it is narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds and he is fantastic.