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Fun, fast paced, action heavy YA adventure I think this would be classed as soft sci fi, rather than, as I expected from the blurb, fantasy Early on I was afraid that the plot device with the imaginary friend might irk me by not making any sense, but in fact it did get explained in a way that was not only adequate for plot purposes but fairly original I would have liked to have development of how the view spoiler different manifestations for different people worked and whether they were meant to in some way reflect individual s psyches hide spoiler I was first drawn to this book by its cover It has the pretty creepy factor going on, and a really chilling synopsis that demanded me to read it I ended up pre ordering this book way in advance, that s how good it sounds The story is told from two point of views that alter between chapters, from the two main characters Dani and Jesse Dani and Jesse have been tormented by their imaginary friends as a child, and were told by their elders that what they experience is all in their head As both grew older, they both came to believe that the adults were probably right and it was nothing but their imagination One day while Dani and Jesse are on a school trip, their bus gets knocked off the road by another truck Matters go from bad to worse when their imaginary friends turn out to be real, and are trying to kill them The pace of the book was great it immediately caught my attention from the first page Hearing the description of Rachel gave me the creeps, which was extra scary considering I was reading at 12 1 in the morning ekk I kind of thought that this book was going to be somewhat like a ghost story, but as the book progress and we learn how Dani and Jesse are connected, it was clear that this was no ghost story This book really surprised me because of all the twist and turns it took Overall a good story, the only small problem I had with the book is how quick the two characters fell for each other It was practically right when they set their sights on one another, than again it is a young adult novel characters are both 15 and 17 years old I finished this book in about a day, fairly short considering its 264 pages.If you want to read a book with a mix of horror, action and romance or to read something new and different than pick this book up I can definitely say that this isn t like many books out there well not any that I ve read , and I can t exactly say why because I would give the ending away P Sep 8th.Sounds good Although, i ll have to put aside the fact that the homicidal manic shares my name Just my luck, lol Damage by Anya Parrish has such a cool premise two teenagers that had homicidal imaginary friends as children suddenly come together and realize the nightmare isn t over yet Unfortunately the awesomeness of the plot far exceeded the characterization, leaving me feeling mostly disappointed.I will say first that this book was definitely creepy Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid What would you do if it suddenly turned up and tried to throw you off a building or breathe fire at you Top it off with being chased by shady governmental officials and we have definite Halloween worthy drama on our hands.Dani and Jesse are in a horrible bus crash, which reawakens their childhood nightmares, leaving them scared out of their minds and in terrible danger They try to unlock the secrets as to why both of them have such similar problems which ends up wrapping them up in medicinal complications and governmental intrigue Whoa boy, are they in for a wild ride.So, the plot was pretty much non stop They went from one terrible situation to the next, constantly trying to battle their imaginations and collect information about their pasts Unfortunately the danger catches up to them far too quickly There is a massive twist at the end that will leave you bug eyed, my friends Too bad the characters fail to live up to the plot in basically every single way Both Dani and Jesse basically function only as plot devices None of their actions or emotions ring true Ever I was so totally disappointed by this The book should have been longer, giving them room to develop naturally Example Dani goes from having never been kissed and hating having people touch her at all to suddenly being in love with Jesse and hating being unable to touch him every second I ll pause here so you can roll your eyes Seriously, I don t know how to say it any other way the characterization was just plain bad.Still, if you don t care as much about the people as you do about a crazy intense thrilling high octane plot, than Damage is a book you ll enjoy Creepy and suspenseful at every turn. I was excited for DAMAGE because I was looking forward to a good YA horror read It sounds like one, right Except it ended up traveling down a really weird path that I didn t really see coming at all And it was weird to the point that at times it bordered on being just downright silly And it s a weird in a kooky but not endearing kind of way either There were a few too many elements thrown in that really mucked it up, is what I think I m trying to say.I did like the two characters, Dani and Jesse, as the story alternated between their two viewpoints But their relationship just made me heinously uncomfortable It seemed so inappropriate considering everything that was going on In a matter of hours they were totally in love with each other Seriously But that wasn t really the awkward part Being in their respective heads I was privy to their thoughts, obviously, so when they re thinking about kissing each other when they re running from some fake FBI dudes it really threw me Just the whole relationship seemed immensely forced It was far too much, way too soon and insanely inappropriate for the circumstances They didn t have any cooling off periods to dwell on anything They were constantly moving from the turning point of the story, which was in like chapter 2 It really did not sit right with me.Removing the relationship aspect their characters were pretty good if not a little stock ish Dani is the quiet yet secretly strong character while Jesse is the outwardly bad boy who s merely a product of his environment Not bad, just not all that original I still liked reading about them I cared enough about them to see what happened to them I was rooting for them the whole time and I wanted them to be okay I just didn t like their relationship But I already said that They were rather smart together They fed off each other well and not in a synergistic corruption type of situation either They were each others idea machines when it came to trying to get out of their problems and they really worked well together Dani and Jesse were serious compliments to each other and I did like that.The weirdness I can t really say much without spoiling the entire plot I ll just say it went really far off course of where I thought it was going to be Bad guys are everywhere and can be anyone and horrible, horrible things happened to the characters when they were younger that they weren t aware of Rachel would have been a phenomenal entity in a purer horror setting but in DAMAGE she s a bit subdued Although I will give Parrish credit for not skimping on the carnage Loved it As demented as that sounds She wasn t afraid to do what needed to be done with her tools But this isn t a horror story Not really It s kind of science fiction conspiracy theory stuff and it kind of ruined the juju for me a little when it started to reveal itself Again it wasn t bad it was just really off course for me.Overall it s not terrible It s entertaining and the characters are likable enough that I think you d enjoy reading about them They really do act like kids stuck in a terrible situation and I believed most of their actions Dani and Jesse worked really well together although I felt Dani got over the death of her seemingly best friend far too quickly chapter 1 2 element Made her look a bit callous But she s still endearing to an extent I liked watching her come out of the shell that she made for herself I don t think Jesse changed all that much from beginning to end although he kept saying Dani was the first person he really loved aside from his sister in his entire life But other than that he was pretty static It s an entertaining read Just don t go into it thinking it s horror It s not and I think that s one of the major reasons that I didn t think of DAMAGE Stupid expectations Or perhaps just off point blurbing. Definitivamente a pesar de los personajes medio clich y del instant love, este libro consigui atraparme entre sus p ginas, me permiti disfrutar de la aventura, de la intriga y del final Una historia juvenil que se lee en poco tiempo, con acci n constante y con varios secretos por revelar. The concept of a childhood imaginary friend being villainous and murderous was very attention grabbing, and I was excited to read this after borrowing it from the library However, the novel itself did not do the plot justice.While the concept of this book is exciting, thrilling and sounds completely awesome I think my expectations were WAY too high for what the author produced, unfortunately.From the beginning of the novel, the two protagonists bonded way too quickly, and established trust and romantic interests in each other way too soon to be realistic While, undoubtedly, they would have bonded over being two people being tormented by imaginary creatures, they were exceptionally dependent on one another irrespective of Jesse s well known bad boy image I found the progression of their relationship to be much too fast, and in this way was portrayed extremely unrealistically I was also quite confused regarding the imaginary creatures while Dani had an imaginary human young girl, Rachel, as her attacker Why did Jesse have a dragon This was not explained at all Of course no two people would create the same imaginative fragment, but a dragon Of all things he could have imagined, why did he immediately think,Yes I m in hospital with a type of cancer I want a dragon hereIt didn t really make sense to me.While there are many, many things that let me down about this book, one thing I did enjoy was how Anya Parrish managed to weave each character into the story to be involved in some major, unexpected way Dani s father, her step mother, her step mother s brother They all were thrown in there to be involved in the major events of the story by means that I did not expect.Perhaps the biggest downfall of this book for me was the ending While it was supposed to be a sort of happy, empowering ending It didn t really make much sense to me, and it did not resolve or explain much from the entire story like an ending should Sure, it is great that Dani and Jesse begin to take control of their lives, but how will they control these creatures What about everyone who was being held in a safe house because they had similar powers due to the medication There were many things left unanswered which was quite disappointing.The plot excited me, but the novel did not meet my expectations I do not think I will be in a hurry to read any of Parrish s work. &READ BOOK ↽ Damage ☟ There Was A Time When I Prayed For Rachel To Be Real It Ended The Night She Tried To Kill Me When Dani Was Eight, She Fell From A Building No One Believed Her Claim That She Was Pushed By Rachel, Her Imaginary Friend It Took Years Of Therapy To Convince Dani That Rachel Was A Product Of Her Own MindNow Fifteen, Dani Wants To Make It As A Dancer But A Deadly Freak Accident Sends Her A Terrifying Message Rachel Is Back, She S Real, And She Ll Stop At Nothing To Kill Dani Complicating Matters Is Jesse, The School Bad Boy Who S Being Stalked By His Own Invisible Childhood Monster When Dani And Jesse Join Forces To Learn Why Their Tormenters Are Back, Their Investigation Leads To A Horrifying Discovery And The Secret That Binds Them To Each Other The only reason this book isn t getting 5 stars is because I find the explanation to what was going on to be scientifically weak I m not an endocrinologist but really, the book would have been better if the resolution had been a bit vaguer so we scientists wouldn t be able to nitpick Other than that I have absolutely nothing to point out, excellent pacing, characters, plot, everything was great.I ve read reviews complaining about the insta love and they held me back from reading this book for a while There was insta love, yes, but it was believable than that particular plot point tends to be, taking in consideration how the character s pasts, their personalities, and the situation they were in contributed to it.But honestly, it was so original and at times really creepy, I definitely recommend it I suck at writing reviews of books I really like, I guess I m a better hater Anyway, go read this, it s great And I really, really, REALLY hope this will become a series This book is definitely a must read Damage tells the story of Dani , who is tormented by her imaginery friend Rachel Sounds good , well its a hell like experience for her This book is such a thrill ride coz the whole book just talks about events unfolding on one single day No tomorow , no day after Just one day And its all too much to handle What i really loved about this book was that this book talks about a very delicate subject from science point of view Loved the way the author has handled the subject The ending was mind blowing