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I would lay down everything I possess, even my soul, for you If that isn t love, it s the best I haveThe book in which Nora is tortured, forgets the most significant months of her life andimportantly she forgets Patch And then she bounces back and she fights.Because how can she forget Patch for long They will meet in dreams.He will save her.She will chase him.She will remember his eyes.He cannot hide.He will tell her the truth Black night, black fog Black grass, black gravestones Glittering black river A pair of black eyes watching me. When the book finishes, Nora will not be the same girl anyThis is definitely the best young adult series about angels and fallen angels. I love you His voice was straightforward, affectionate You make me remember who I used to be You make me want to be that man again Right now, holding you, I feel like we have a shot at beating all odds and making it together I m yours, if you ll have me If I lose you, I lose everything Oh my god I loved it Nora wasn t so annoying amnesia did something good P And I will tell again and again and again I LOVE PATCH view spoiler 1 Hank is a jerk He caused her amnesia and when he knew he will die he force Nora to swear an oath to lead his army and he made her Nephilim Wow what a good father 2 I love Scott but not with Nora P3 I didn t like Vee in this book She didn t tell her about Patch..she is your best friend..don t lie to her 4 In this book, Nora s mother was stupid There is probably something wrong with the blood of their family First Nora and now Nora s mother Noooo. maybe she was forever because she has been with Hank for many years. How she did not see that Hank was bad Love is blindness And she thinks that Patch kidnapped Nora while Hank kidnapped Nora Come on. Open your eyes 5 Patch Patch Patch He was cute and he always wants to protect Nora. I love him I said that too many times but I DON T CARE And I don t have problem with his name any P hide spoiler Hush, Hush made me fall hard Crescendo has taken my breath away and I cannot wait till Tempest Becca Fitzpatrick is a true story teller, and I don t want her to ever end Nora and Patches adventures. This book sucked and I need to write better reviews. Normally I don t write reviews for this series but something just had to be said Silence is probably the worst of the lot of them so far My gripes with this novel don t end at the protagonist, it digs into the use of obvious plot devices, the insensitive way mental illness was portrayed, the disturbingly light way murder was handled, and the awful writing style Here, have a breakdown Nora is an Annoying, Horrible PersonThe first third of the book was dedicated to Nora not remembering anything from the past 5 months of her life She whines and moans constantly about this fact Now, I understand the sense of loss, trauma and depression that can come out from amnesia, but Nora takes liberties to remind us every single chapter that she is sad because she can t remember anything and anyone who doesn t fall all over themselves to try to help her remember and do what she wants them to is a big meanie and she hates them There was a passage during one of these chapters that destroyed any sympathy I might have for her plight Nora wonders why her But she didn t leave it at that, she wonders why her in all the billions of people in the world, SHE had to be the one who got amnesia Where did I leave my tiny violin This pattern of annoying, selfish behavior from Nora is constant throughout the book and somehow amplified from the first two books She frequently becomes angry with people for little reason, makes completely nonsensical decisions, lies to people she supposedly cares about, purposefully puts herself in danger then blames it on her amnesia and later on blames her poor life decisions on her biological father, and she gets angry whenever someone disagrees with her It makes her wholly unsympathetic Then to add to her list of personality disorders, she becomes completely psychotic from the middle of the book onward.Nora s a PsychoNow, I understand completely the feelings of anger toward someone who kidnapped you and from what I read may have temporarily deprived you of food for a couple of days But from the middle of the novel, Nora actually wishes to murder her captor It was very disturbing to read about a sixteen year old girl plotting to murder another person and having absolutely no qualms about it.So even the craziest of crazies are written so that the reader can tell the character isn t quite right in the head and that going around murdering people isn t exactly the best way to solve your problems Fitzpatrick wrote Nora s lust to actually kill her captor like it was the sanest possible decision she could have made.Anyway, in the end Nora does kill the guy after her and Patch plan to keep him around for eternity to torture Yes, an eternity of torture That sounds wholesome, right s And instead of being traumatized or at least feeling a little bad that she killed somebody, she actually feels vindicated about it.Patch is Still the Worst ThingPatch has always been creepy in these books In the first book, he was sexually harassing Nora And somehow she fell in love with him anyway In the second book, he ignored her completely and hurt her emotionally And she was still in love with him In this book, HE REQUESTS Nora s memory be wiped as far back as five months to protect her By the end of the book, she still loves him I don t know if that sounds like an abusive relationship to anyone else, or is it just me Despite finding out it was really Patch who took so many of her memories, Nora forgives him within a few days And here I thought she was so upset about it, considering it was all she talked about for over a hundred pages.Often during the book, the only thing that seems to keep Nora from dumping Patch s sorry ass is the fact that he s repeatedly described as hot In fact, every time Nora goes to touch him, we get a description of his toned insert body part here It was incredibly nauseating and even after three books, two covers with Patch on them, and a graphic novel coming out, I still have absolutely no idea what Patch is supposed to look like and I don t give a damn.The Writing Never Got BetterI tried to understand the sloppy plot devices in Hush, Hush because it was Fitzpatrick s first novel But the writing never seemed to get any better between the three books The style is still generic, often repetitious, and Fitzpatrick seems to be in love with plot devices because Silence is loaded with them YA readers deserve better than this.Let me talk about devilcraft, because it will be mentioned about a hundred times in the novel as this vague magic thing that came from hell Basically devilcraft is capable of being used to do anything from erasing memories, to capturing archangels, to making a grilled cheese sandwich If there was anything in the plot that needed to make sense, but Fitzpatrick didn t introduce it in the first two books, it was always explained as this vague Devilcraft thing It wasn t even hard to pick out as a plot device because it used every damn place the author didn t have an easy way to explain why someone could do something whereas someone else could not.While we re still talking about plot devices, I hope you like the sound of mind tricked because it s used eventhan devilcraft Basically in moments when the author can t shoehorn devilcraft to explain something, she ll use mind tricked Why do strangers refuse to help Nora when she s clearly in trouble and begs them to They were mind tricked Why is Nora s mother evenuseless than normal She s mind tricked Why do I always lose a sock on laundry day I was mind tricked Why does this sound like some cheap plot device ripped from Star Wars Probably some kind of devilcraft or mind trick.At the end of the book, it is revealed that Nora becomes a full on Nephilim She bemoans this at first because she thinks Patch will hate her now that she s not a human and Nephilim are the enemies of the Fallen Angels I found it ridiculous that the only person Nora seems to be concerned about is Patch She s only known him for five six months and instead of thinking about how her mother or her best friend will react, she goes off sobbing about how her deeply disturbed boyfriend might not like her any With all of this stupidity, do I even need to talk about the sloppy writing style and prose Here are a few lines you better get used to because you ll see them plenty His Her eyes cut to mine person object.His eyes contained a verb edge.Secondary Characters A Mixed Bag of AwfulThere s really nothingI can say about Nora s mother being a horrible mother She s dating a guy that Nora hates Instead of having a bit of sensitivity for her daughter, she goes ahead and does whatever she wants, pushing forward with her love life and seemingly ignoring Nora s needs Good mothering job, Blythe.Marcie Millar is made out to be a bitch in the previous books At least that s what the author wants us to think Only in this book, she managed to make Marcie out as the most sympathetic character Here s a teenaged girl whose parents just divorced, found out her father doesn t love her, and that her entire life has been secondary to some idiot girl with a creepy boyfriend Between Marcie and Nora, it was Marcie who chose to comfort her mother after a divorce Contrast this with Nora who acted like a huge ass to her mother, lies to her mother, and at the end of the book leaves her drugged mother at her best friend s house to go sleep over at Patch s place Priorities, amiright Despite Vee Sky being obnoxious in the previous two books, she came off significantly better in this one For two reasons 1 Vee called out Patch s name She said what we were all thinking which was essentially, isn t Patch a dog s name 2 She calls out Nora s insane, illogical lust for Patch She straight up tells Nora that she only sees the 1% of good in Patch and is blind to the 99% of psychopath in him It s too bad Vee wasn t saying all this from the beginning.Speaking of strangely sympathetic characters, Dabria makes another appearance in this novel Nora s reaction to her is so outlandishly hostile that every time Nora felt jealous, I got annoyed As a result, I felt really bad for Dabria because the woman wanted to help Patch and willingly did so Then there s this crazy girl complaining constantly about how jealous she is The funniest part was that Dabria tried to kill Nora in Book 1, but that gets mentioned once or twice by Nora compared to the fact that Dabria and Patch used to be a thing I always knew Nora had messed up priorities, but COME ON.Scott Parnell makes another appearance, though his return itself is a plot device Basically he shows up, gives Nora an infodump, then lives in a cave I wish I was kidding about the cave thingI m Shutting Up NowSo I think I ve made this long enough In the end Silence was much worse than Hush, Hush and Crescendo combined Nothing happens for the first part of the book unless your idea of delightful Sunday reading involves going over the musings of an underdeveloped character Then Nora falls into Patch s life again and she goes from annoying to psychotic I can t think of a single redeeming thing in this entire novel. Silence can be summed up in one meme Bad Decision 1Upon waking up in a graveyard with no memory of how she got there or what had transpired, Nora kicks the shin of the first person who tries to help her and blunders away, possibly increasing the chances of running into her captors.Now normally, this a very sound reaction and fits in with Stranger Danger, but this is Nora we re talking about She d suspect the toaster of doing her in if it burned her toast.Bad Decision 36After coming home from the hospital, she goes back to said graveyard alone to look for answers.Bad Decision 95Breaking into a Nephilim hideout with no prior planning and with a dude she has no memory of Bad Decision 187Goes back to the Nephilim hideout alone after nearly getting caught last time.Bad Decision 672Getting back together with Patch or Jev or whatever the hell his name is Nora Fine I ll throw on some clothes Turn around I m in my pj s Patch I m a guy That s like asking a kid not to glance at the candy counterWhat a keeper, ladies and gentleman I can imagine court proceedings going like this Judge Defense, how do you plead to these cases of sexual assault and rape Patch Well, your Honor, they were wearing really short skirts and I just couldn t help myself A man has needs By the way, can I get your phone number This is also a guy who erased his girlfriend s memories without first asking Nora if, I don t know, she might want to keep them I agree with the rest of the world that Nora shouldn t be allowed to choose her own breakfast cereal without supervision, but that s not his decision They re her fucking memories But, oh no, it s for her own good Me powerful man, and you weakling woman Now go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich And three books in, and I still can t figure out why an all powerful angel would name himself after a dog It s like Satan going incognito as Fluffy.Bad Decision 1753Worrying about Daria, a potential ally, stealing her man when there s a maniac going around starting a warWhat does she look like And now I d stooped from insecure to superficial Stringy unwashed hair, doughy around the middle, unibrow I wondered if that translated to curvy and gorgeous with the brains of an astrophysicistIt s so reassuring that the fate of the world is resting on this girl s shoulders.Then she has the audacity to be infuriated when Daria turns out to be a bombshell and possessesbrains in her pinky nail than Nora has in her entire bodyHe s over you, just so we re clearHe chose me, not you, so obviously I m the better person, because every woman s self worth comes from a man Um, have you ever thought about bettering yourself, Nora In The Iron Queen, Meghan asked Ash to train her in swordplay and Puck to teach her how to use Summer magic, even though it made her physically ill All so she could contribute to upcoming conflicts and not have to rely on others to save her ass all the time.Nora simply goes, I don t want to fight, then whines when Patch goes to fight the bad guy alone You are a liability, Nora Face fucking facts.Bad Decision 6953Fainting during crucial momentsI felt myself swaying, swaying Falling into nothing I was unconscious before I hit the ground The last thing I remembered was the roar of air past my ears and the world crashing to blackI wonder if it s due to her iron deficiency that was mentioned in the first book and never makes a reappearance hence forth.Bad Decision 10985Waaay too obsessed with smellsIt held the slightest trace of mint and black pepper He wasn t wearing cologne, but there was an intriguing hint of fresh cut grass and rainwater Leather, spice, mintDoes she just like randomly press her nose up against strangers and inhale Technically Not a Bad Decision, But Nora Acting Like a Bitch 245607After Nora gets out of the hospital, her mom instates a no visitor rules, so she can rest But precious little Nora thinks this is child abuse and agrees with Vee when she says her mom is a witch.Um, hello How bout some respect That is the woman who raised you single handedly after your dad died If someone called my mom a witch, I d slap them back into their mother s womb.Then she finds out that her mom s dating her supposed archenemy s dad and throws a whiny fitWhat do you want me to say That I m happy for you I m not We used to make fun of the Millers We used to joke that Marcie s attitude problem was mercury poisoning due to all the expensive seafood their family are And now you re dating himBecause gasp how dare she not stay faithful to her dead dad that s been gone for years How dare she not base her dating options around my life Grow the fuck up, Nora.Technically Not a Bad Decision, But Nora Acting Like a Bitch 8763012Remember Vee Poor Vee, who is constantly weight shamed and put down by Nora Well, she s at it againAnd then I m going out with Vee for doughnuts or whatever junk food she happens to crave today I ve sworn off guys If I need romance, that s what Netflix is for I ll believe it when I see it, I thought with a smirkAnd the crowning jewelI was a little worried what Vee and I would talk aboutbut I reassured myself that that was what made Vee and me do compatible I could strategically steer our conversations by raising certain subjects and Vee could blather on forever about themTo think I ve been using the word compatible wrong all these years.Bad Decision 136895389This entire book We spend so much time learning shit that we already know from the previous two booksThe memories were splintered and damaged, but they were there I d learned all this beforeI get it It s a Twilight knock off, so it has to have four books, even though it has less substance than a tissue It has to be called a saga, even though it s as much of a saga as a salami is to a brick.We all know I m going to read Finale I didn t slough through 1000 pages of crap only to give up on the winning lap.Stay tuned, darlings.Bonus Writing TipHe watched the angel s face darken as if with bloodNow replace blood with something else pudding, sap, blueberry jam As if suggests anything can run through an angel s veins Go wild, everyone. The summary for this book is ridiculous How can she getdrawn to Patch This is like a bad teen soap opera. And to think i was excited for the second book A third book Yay I 3 Patch Cannot wait, Fall 2011 is just too far away. Kinda on hold right now I just got tired of Nora trying to remember things that I already know. `Free Pdf ↶ Silence ↲ WHEN SILENCE IS ALL THAT S LEFT, CAN THE TRUTH FINALLY BE HEARD Nora Grey Can T Remember The Past Five Months Of Her Life After The Initial Shock Of Waking Up In A Cemetery And Being Told That She Has Been Missing For Weeks With No One Knowing Where She Was Or Who She Was With She Tried To Get Her Life Back On Track Go To School, Hang Out With Her Best Friend, Vee, And Dodge Mom S Creepy New BoyfriendBut There Is This Voice In The Back Of Her Head, An Idea That She Can Almost Reach Out And Touch Visions Of Angel Wings And Unearthly Creatures That Have Nothing To Do With The Life She KnowsAnd This Unshakable Feeling That A Part Of Her Is MissingThen Nora Crosses Paths With A Sexy Stranger, Whom She Feels A Mesmerizing Connection To He Seems To Hold All The Answersand Her Heart Every Minute She Spends With Him Grows And Intense Until She Realizes She Could Be Falling In Love Again