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As soon as that first sentence is read, you re unable to put down this book It s a very unique genre One would try to classify it as historical fiction, tantalizingly laced with paranormal aspects While the story is being told, in present tense, reading it I sometimes forgot that the ship they were on was actually the Titanic, until some critical moments, and then suddenly you remember the big, almost silent part of the plot the doomed voyage My hands were literally so sweaty with anticipation by the last 20 pages that i had a hard time keeping a grip on the book I love the flow of Fateful, how the details of everything, the characters seem so real Claudia s really outdone herself this time. THE FAERYS VIEWFateful was so much better than I thought it was going to be Truthfully, I wasn t expecting it to be as thrilling or captivating as it was.Just goes to show that you can t always judge a book by the ship it s about My original thought was Okay, Faery Chica here s how it s probably going to go Doomed Titanic Lovely yet Helpless Servant Girl Tortured yet Good hearted Werewolf Tragedy on the lower decks that only the werewolf can save the poor servant girl from I envisioned scenes from the movie Titanic only Jack s a bit furrier, Rose is demure and trades in her silk dresses for homespun cotton and an apron all while Celine is singing her heart out in the background Faery s humming singing whistling The Heart Must Go On FAERY FARTS I m STILL singing it Dangnabbit For the love of FAE, get that song outta me head AhemI digress on to the review partI couldn t have been wrong Fateful was so much and so different from my original and I admit, close minded first thoughts The synopsis doesn t do the book justice I can only hope that the reviews do.Tess is a ladies maid for a prevalent family that is leaving London for America via the Titanic The Lisle family, aside from Irene the daughter and Tess s responsibility, is arrogant and horrid to those they see as beneath them, which is all but the finest nobility Tess is a fantastic character, she s had to fight her way through life and at her young age she has decided to start over in America Tess is compassionate and kind but she also has a stubborn side that combined with her street smarts will make leaving the Lisle s and starting over a challenge she feels confident in making She s tired of being walked on and knows in her heart that better things await her It s a dream that she s had since hearing of their trip and one that she is determined to make a reality.When Tess meets Alec aboard the Titanic, they quickly form a bond Alec is the son of a wealthy business man and it soon becomes apparent that Alec and his father are not only hiding a very big secret but there is one very nasty Mr Marlowe who can help Alec with this very big secret but only at a very steep price Mr Marlowe also has his eye on Tess and will stop at nothing to have her The characters in Fateful are all wonderfully described I enjoyed the secondary story s going on amid Tess and Alec s story along with the description of the Titanic That era is fascinating to me, it s sort of a turning point in so many different ways and Ms Gray captures that beautifully.Fateful is truly captivating and a page turner Ms Gray weaves a tale around the tragic loss of those aboard the Titanic with a spellbinding story of love, loss and betrayal The ending is absolutely perfect and this is a book that I would recommend to all friends of all ages It s just that good @FREE BOOK ⛅ Fateful ⚾ Eighteen Year Old Maid Tess Davies Is Determined To Escape The Wealthy, Troubled Family She Serves It S , And Tess Has Been Trapped In The Employ Of The Lisles For Years, Amid Painful Memories And Twisted Secrets But Now The Lisle Family Is Headed To America, With Tess In Tow Once The Ship They Re Sailing On The RMS Titanic Reaches Its Destination, Tess Plans To Strike Out And Create A New Lifefor HerselfHer Single Minded Focus Shatters When She Meets Alec, A Handsome First Class Passenger Who Captivates Her Instantly But Alec Has Secrets Of His Own He S In A Hurry To Leave Europe, And Whispers Aboard The Ship Say It S Because Of The Tragic End Of His Last Affair With The French Actress Who Died So Gruesomely And So Mysteriously Soon Tess Will Learn Just How Dark Alec S Past Truly Is The Danger They Face Is No Ordinary Enemy Werewolves Exist And Are Stalking Him And Now Her, Too Her Growing Love For Alec Will Put Tess In Mortal Peril, And Fate Will Do The Same Before Their Journey On The Titanic Is OverIn Fateful, New York Times Bestselling Author Claudia Gray Delivers Paranormal Adventure, Dark Suspense, And Alluring Romance Set Against The Opulent Backdrop Of The Titanic S First And Last Voyage Hands down, this book was absolutely incredible Fateful was a retelling of Titanic s story combined with a unique paranormal twist it had my heart racing and left me speechless by the end I burst into tears at multiple parts of the story, because it was that good at drawing me in and making me feel emotionally invested in the characters even the minor ones The writing was both beautiful and powerful, and the story, despite being paranormal, was very true to life and accurately followed historic accounts of Titanic s fate Altogether, Fateful was one amazing book The romance between Tess and Alec was done so well Their love was genuine and not superficial, and I loved reading along to see their relationship develop, despite the fact that there were so many barriers between them Not only is Tess a third class servant and Alec a first class heir to a major fortune, but Alec also happens to be a werewolf who has no control over changing into a monster every night These two things work against Tess and Alec being together, but Claudia Gray had me totally convinced that their love was strong enough to overcome all odds By the end, like I said, I was crying so hard I could barely read, I kid you not It was just a very touching and beautiful story.The historical account of the doomed voyage of the Titanic was done perfectly you really felt like you were actually there on board The whole time I was reading, I knew that the inevitable was going to happen eventually, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, wondering when it was coming Just like when watching the movie Titanic, which, by the way, I LOVE, so this review might be a little biased every character and every relationship became that much important and special, because you know in the back of your head what they re all about to go throughClaudia Gray notes at the end of the story that all of her characters, except a few famous ones who make cameo appearances, were fictional, because she didn t want to be disrespectful towards those who went through the unforgettable disaster I loved that she did this Even though it is an alternate history with a paranormal twist, I thought that nothing was ridiculous or took lightly the actual story And the account she tells of how the Titanic sunk, and what those people went through Once again, I was bawling Finally, the ending was spectacular Crying aside, I actually gasped out loud at one point, I was so freaked out I won t give it away and tell you, but I will just say, the ending was totally unexpected and I could not put the book down for the last 100 pages or so I stayed up until almost 2am to finish Because I am a big history nerd, I DO have to state however, that if Tess had been on board Titanic as a servant to a first class family in real life, she would have had a cabin close to the first class rooms, and not have stayed in Third Class Titanic was simply too big for servants to be stowed in Third Class, since it was too far away from First, so rooms were reserved for them near the families they served for convenience sake But I can understand why Claudia changed this factual detail, since it gives us a look at all parts of the ship and all aspects of life on board for the different classes I will just end this review by saying that this is one book I highly recommend to all my fellow book lovers If you love paranormal romance but want something different than vampires or fairies, or if you love historical fiction that is done really well get Fateful and make it your next read It definitely was one of the best books I have read in a long time, and I m so happy I discovered it Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland 3.5 stars for this wonderful titanic retelling.I really liked the characters in this book, even the nasty ones, our villains , because they are all really well developed and they come across as realistic and believable, keeping into account that this all is happening in 1912 I came to care for Alec and Tess a lot and I really liked the added minor characters as well Great characters are so important I think, and these characters already made sure I came to love this book a lot, despite knowing beforehand how the rest of the book would turn out Gray has a talent for writing great main characters Tessa, being a servant to a first class family on the ship, was a really interesting pov And Alec, the first class passenger whom builds an intense relationship with Tessa, was soooo lovable Grey really knows how to write lovable male characters swooooon I liked the added paranormal twist into the story, but somehow it also felt in hindsight like it was completely unnecessary to write into this story line as well I get where the author s coming from wanting to add a nice paranormal twist to it all since a lot of the story line development would be predictable since it s historical facts being written about But if the paranormal twist wouldn t have been in there, it would ve been ok to me as well because I just really liked reading about the characters and the titanic setting than I liked the paranormal elements to be honest hihi I ve been obsessed with the story of Titanic ever since I was a young girl and this has been my first titanic re telling to date, so I was really excited beforehand to find out how the author used original elements of the well known disastrous story of the unsinkable Titanic I can t say I m disappointed because Gray s been able to really transport me into this world, this setting and experience it all alongside the characters and made me feel all the feels The angst, especially in the last part of the book, felt so palpable and I felt so sad as I always do thinking about the disaster of this majestic ship hitting that iceberg because the way Gray wrote about all those people dying it was beautifully done I can t imagine what it must ve been like for the people back then who died or survived, who experienced the sinking of this ship, but I think Gray did a good job on portraying this scene The difference between first and third class was really palpable, as it was back in the days as well Great writing I loved coming across different characters, residing from the different classes present on the ship From first class passengers to third class passengers and the crew of the ship Gray wrote a great diversity of characters into the story line, as you would expect with this story, set in 1912 Taking into account that this is a stand alone, I really think, overall, Gray did a great job with this YA historical fiction Given the number of pages used for this story, everything is developed really well I think The added paranormal elements were okay to me, but I think it s just really personal as to how you experience the added paranormal elements It was a nice way to add some spice to a young adult historical fiction though Overall, I really enjoyed this read and picked it up anytime I was able to I loved the Titanic elements the fictional ones and the real facts characters she wrote about the author explains about it all a bit in the acknowledgement, which was really great I think her telling about how this book came to be and what was and what wasn t real and or fiction and why she chose to write it that way If you like knowing this book contains historical fiction, a great setting, some added paranormal elements, great characters, angst and a really likable romance, this is definitely a book you should give a try I really liked this stand a lone novel regarding one of the most interesting historical happenings to date in my opinion. First sentence It s not too late to turn back, I tell myself There may be minor spoilers so beware if you are someone who hates spoilers so much you can t even read the synopsis of a book So I was excited about this book and I really wanted to love it I mean it s Titanic with werewolves Unfortunately, it was James Cameron sTitanicwith werewolves Let me explain Enter poor little rich girl boy RoseI mean AlecOh but it s different because he turns into this at sunset Ok, ok maybe it is totally different, except meet evil man holding rich person back Evil fiance Evil CountWell that hardly makes it the same thing you are just making this up Am I Allow me to introduce the love interest from the other side of the tracks Jack image error The description of the ship and its sinking felt so real, it was like I was there So curious about the dagger and what it could do Love the idea of the Order of the Brotherhood The heroine was so plucky and likable and love Alec too. Now, in all fairness, I probably would ve given this book four stars were it not for the Titanic setting I rank it right at four stars story wise, but the Titanic makes it solidly five I ve been fascinated with the story of the Titanic since I first saw the movie, which was at least ten years ago Though James Cameron s movie incited my love, I went further and read several books on the ship Needless to say, anything involving the Titanic catches my eye, though not always my fancy.I liked the way Ms Gray gave many real officers and passengers cameos without making them characters, with the exception of Thomas Andrews She mentions this in the author s note and I definitely agreed with her reasoning With the concept of the story being so based in fantasy, the reality of the sinking and the death of those poor souls would not have been a comfortable juxtaposition for most, and definitely not me As for the story, I can t complain I didn t find the plot too stuffed with extras, just enough to make every scene interesting The characters are developed and very likeable, and what girl could really resist Alec While the story has a closing that could stand alone, I would be among the first in line for a sequel, even though it obviously won t be set on the Titanic, and that alone testifies to how much I enjoyed the book. For years, Tess Davies has worked as a maid for the Lisle family at their manor house in England But she has always dreamed of a better life, and now that she has saved up enough money, she has decided leave her job And she gets the perfect opportunity when she is chosen to accompany the Lisles on an ocean voyage to New York A new country is the perfect place to start a new life And they are sailing on the maiden voyage of the largest, most elegant ship ever built, the RMS Titanic.Shortly before boarding the ship, Tess meets Alec Marlowe, a handsome first class passenger He saves her life then warns her to stay away Alec clearly has a terrible secret, but Tess is drawn to him despite that The two quickly find themselves falling in love, but the biggest obstacle to their relationship isn t their different social classes An evil brotherhood of werewolves is stalking Alec, determined to force him to join them and now they are after Tess, too And as if that wasn t enough, they will face a far greater danger before the voyage is over.I have been fascinated by the story of the Titanic for many years even before the movie was released so when I first heard about the plot of Fateful, I was a bit aghast at the idea of a novel about werewolves set on the Titanic But I ll read just about anything set on the Titanic so I knew I had to read it, and I m really glad I did, because this book turned out to be really good it s one of my favorite books I ve read recently, and probably my favorite paranormal romance ever I loved the romance between Tess and Alec They were adorable together and it was so sweet how protective and caring he was towards her, unlike in some paranormal romances where the guy acts like a jerk because of some supernatural curse that made his life miserable and the poor girl falls in love with him anyway for some reason If you love historical romance, paranormal romance, or books about the Titanic, I highly recommend Fateful.Disclosure Review copy provided by publisher. As if the movie didn t make ne cry enough This book put me in constant tears near the end I thought we were gonna have the Titanic movie all over again Thank God we didn t.