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Sebastian takes on another puzzling and gruesome case at the behest of Magistrate Lovejoy Young men are being murdered, their bodies brutally treated with objects placed in their mouths The case takes him down interesting and surprising paths This story is the best yet, written nimbly but without sacrificing the author s extraordinary skill in descriptively creating a strong sense of time, place and social atmosphere I felt like I could see, feel and smell early 19th century London The case was difficult but assembling clues wasn t, allowing the reader to get there with Sebastian Yet, I m still not sure I was prepared for the outcome There are some startling surprises revealed near the end of the story with far reaching implications I am SO hooked on this series and can t wait to continue Outstanding Another excellent mystery and quite a gruesome one Sebastian is my Regency book boyfriend so back off everybody Kat Boleyn is now out of the picture although I suspect it s a temporary thing We ll see.Annoying that the first half of the series except maybe the first is unavailable on kindle, but the series is good enough to make it worth getting the real books I do love real books but kindle is so much kinder on my eyes This is the third in the St Cyr Regenct mystery series and the best so far Perhaps that because The characters are becoming so familiar now and are all really interesting but maybe it s also because the plot was very dynamic, twisting and turning in different directions.Sebastian St Cyr, Lord Devlin, has proved himself to be a super sleuth in the past and very adept at flushing out criminals in high society So when a series of young men are found to have been killed in disturbing ways magistrate Lovejoy asks Sebastian to investigate What he uncovers is a tale of revenge and a very dark secret indeed that men are prepared to kill to keep hidden Sebastian s family and personal life continues to be complicated and there are some further revelations about his lover actress Kat Boleyn that I didn t see coming All in all an enjoyable read with a good mystery, lots of action, character development and a promise of revelations about Sebastian to come Can t wait to read the next instalment Book number 3 and this series keeps getting better and better This one starts of interestingly enough and then just gains and momentum I could not put it down I thought I could predict the situation with Kat and I could not have been wrong What an eye opener Sebastian grows and likable as does young Tom The mystery is pretty intense and gruesome but really it took second place to the family dramas I loved it all and want to start the next one right now [ FREE E-PUB ] ☤ Why Mermaids Sing ♨ In London, Murder Stalks The City S Elite As The Sons Of Prominent Families Are Found In Public Places, With Their Bodies Mutilated And Strange Objects Stuffed In Their Mouths, And Sebastian St Cyr Takes Time Out From His Shaky Relationship With Actress Kat Boleyn To Track Down The Killer Another fine installment in the series and I am officially hooked and in love with smart and dashing Sebastian The twists and turns of the story are particularly breathtaking Once again Sebastian involved himself in solving a murder or, in this case, multiple brutal murders of several young wealthy men who had no apparent connection to each other.There are themes of revenge and taboos as well as honor, self sacrifice, and trust It s definitely not a cozy mystery but it also not a story that overindulges on gruesomeness and horror Unlike other mysteries I read where I couldn t wait to see who did it , I found myself enjoying the journey than destination In fact, the mystery was solved by a series of coincidence that required too much suspension of disbelief But the trip was a smashing success The atmospheric setting of Regency England is as compelling and vividly drawn as in the previous installments Each characters, no matter how minor, adds yet another tantalizing layer to the tale A very flowing writing style lends itself to marathon reading The author ties up a few multi book plotlines while carefully laying the groundwork for Although, one particular plotline felt too contrived and is the reason for not being quite a 5 star read for me.I m very much looking forward to the next book and beyond. This mystery was probably the best of the three, so far, and additionally this book gave us some juicy delights Thank you to Teresa who endured my shouty texts and speculation without giving anything away not that she ever would.I am incredibly happy where things went in this one in regards to the personal lives of some of our characters I didn t buy certain reveals for a minute but that doesn t mean I m not happy that the characters did Why Because I m not sad to see a certain character maybe take a step back and maybe allow another to, eventually, step forward Maybe M A Y B E Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says It s September 1811, and someone is killing the wealthy young sons of London s most prominent families Partially butchered, with strange objects stuffed into their mouths, their bodies are found dumped in public places at dawn When the grisly remains of Alfred, Lord Stanton s eldest son are discovered in the Old Palace Yard beside the House of Lords, the local magistrate turns to Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, for help Ranging from the gritty world of Thames side docks to the luxurious drawing rooms of Mayfair, Sebastian finds himself confronting his most puzzling and disturbing case yet With the help of his trusted allies young servant Tom, Irish doctor Paul Gibson, and his lover Kat Boleyn Sebastian struggles to decipher a cryptic set of clues that link the scion of a banking family to the son of a humble Kentish vicar For as one killing follows another, Sebastian discovers he is confronting a murderer with both a method and a purpose to his ritualized killings, and that the key to it all may lie in the enigmatic stanzas of a haunting poemand in a secret so dangerous that men are willing to sacrifice their own children to keep the truth from becoming known.My Review Book three keeps on going at a very high levelThis series is a continuing pleasure, I m thrilled to say WHY MERMAIDS SING is one of the most disturbing books I ve read in a long time, right up there with THE WASP FACTORY The things that Harris has the killer do to these young men are truly scary Even disturbing to me is the who and the why of these violent violations of the young victims.Harris has, as is standard in the series, made Regency London as real as anything in this room I m writing in The smells, the sights, the incredible inequality of income that assaults modern sensibilities The characters, the veneers they wear, the stark contrast between their insides and outsides It s a pleasure to read a good writer s strong writing and follow a plot that shows inventive ingenuity of a high order.St Cyr is a terrific guide to London, as his ancestry he s a viscount opens doors that his disgrace undeserved, I assure you would otherwise close That s as true down the social order as it is up The fact that he ends this book with a rather new set of problems and issues, wellHarristhat is.Oh my heck Jeemenee Christmas Holy Mongolia.There aren t wordsnone that I knowfor me to describe this entry s Big Reveal It is truly a reveal, and big is a paltry small word for what goeth on here.It makes perfect sense, in context, but it has a wallop that rocks my world.Yeah Make that two big reveals, each bigger than the last and holy maloley can I ever not wait for volume four to get here NOW 5 brilliant stars This book was just amazing The murder mystery had a lot of twists It kept me guessing the whole way through I would have never in a million years guessed the villain Secrets were revealed and now there are secrets to be reveled The last few chapters felt like a run away train and I was just hanging on while all of these life changing events were happening one right after another Of course I think Yates is you know who But, I ll just have to wait and see if I m right And wondering if Sebastian would actually view spoiler kill his father when he finds out he s not really his son hide spoiler Three and a half starsAh, this was a tough one to rate for me On the one hand, the murder mystery was interesting as this time around Sebastian finds himself on the hunt for a serial killer The murders themselves are disturbing as is the story behind the killer s driving motivation Secondary characters like Earl Hendon, Paul Gibson, and Lord Jarvis continue to add much appreciated flavor to the telling and Sebastian s interactions with them, however brief, usually give at least some clues to Sebastian s past in the war or with his family And then there s Kat Here is a character that was written with a tragic past so I feel like I should feel something for her and yetI don t Rather, I find her bland, bland, bland and her supposed romantic interludes with Sebastian to be utterly lacking in any chemistry whatsoever For someone who has spied for the French she sure is passive, allowing things to happen TO her rather than showing any real agency about well, anything Other than being beautiful, I m hard pressed to understand why exactly Sebastian even loves her At first I thought it was just my own personal bias because I like seeing two characters fall in love It s all about the journey, right Except there was no journey with Sebastian and Kat because they already love each other when the series starts So I m told , repeatedly and ad nauseum, how much they love each other and I Just Don t Care I would be tempted to feel guilty about this but judging from other reviews I ve read about this series to date, I m not alone in feeling this way There was Kat in this book than in the previous two, which is about the only negative thing about this book that I can say That said, things in their relationship take a definite shift Personally, I m hoping that they will be permanent but I m not holding my breath I m still invested in Sebastion and the rest of the characters enough that I m not willing to let Kat s mere existence stop me from moving forward but there are limits If Kat and her melodrama continue to eat up increasing page time then I fear I may reach those limits sooner rather than later Reread in March 2016 This was my first time rereading this book The mystery aspect is still solid In fact, I couldn t recall the identity of the guilty party and didn t manage to figure it out prior to Sebastian I didn t remember how much Kat was in this book and that s still the only negative thing about this book for me Having just read the 11th book in this series just released this month , I want to give Sebastian a hug and tell him to hang in there because things will get better, so than he could have ever imagined.