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This book has been on my To Read shelf for a long time now I wasn t really expecting too much when I started reading it out of boredom, and boy did it surprised me I find it really hard to put down this book as I am always wanting foraction and revelations Summary Magdalene Mae or Maggie mae, why can t her nickname be Maggie , anyway, she s an orphan girl that has been to 12 different foster home since she was 5, and as if life wasn t hard enough as it is, the girl discovered that she s actually a shapeshifter For me it was pretty cool I mean, imagine how amazing it can be to be able to shift to an animal to your liking Wicked Sick Except, Maggie Mae s shifting ability actually has a limitationEver since I started changing, I always looked like Mrs Montgomery s big orange tabby,my foster mother s pet.Maybe I turn into whatever animal I m closest to Well that s a little bit inconvenient The girl got to be thankful she didn t turn into a Horny Toad Say what I did a double take too, fortunately it wasn t what I and Maggie Mae was thinkingI tilted my head to the side and studied her Did she really just say that A what toad Mrs Carpenter chuckled harder and the reptile scurried away They re Horned lizards but we always called them horny toads She explained It doesn t mean they re horny Just covered with horns Thank you very much for elaborating Mrs Carpenter Another downside of shape shifting is that, her dresses don t just magically removed and reappeared before and after changing It gets ripped if she don t removed them herself before shifting That was why she keeps getting picked up for indecent exposureWell, I knew you weren t up to no good when they found you naked in the streets My gut told me you were a decent girl, and my gut has never been wrong And Ollie thinks you re a Prostitute I mean, seriously Even Prostitutes wear clothes, as skimpy as it is, they still wear clothes, they don t stroll the streets naked.If I were to see a naked girl on the streets, I would think she s a little cracked up, or she has just been sexually molested, but not a prostitute Anyway, Mrs Carpenter is actually the last foster parent she s been assigned to so she can finished her last year at high school, and since it will be the last, she atleast wanted to fit in even until the graduation day only, although, fitting in has never been easy for her being a shifter and an orphan and all She always got picked on So.I learned to run fast and hit hard That s my girl However, it seems that bully schoolmates should be the least of her problems, for there are creatures fardangerous and deadly that exists in Silver City Skinwalkers Now that s creepyThe Navajo call them witches They steal the skin of an animal and become that animal They are skinwalkersI was like. That was the main difference between the two Skincrawlers steal the skin of an animal to become that animal, it s limitless It was actually pretty cool, being able to become any animal to your liking if not for the stealing of skin thing, Gross On the other hand, Shifters are born with the ability to shift a specific animal Both has its own downside and both are made to contradict the existence of the other, like if there is good there must be evil, light and dark etc.Now let us talk about the characters..It s usually the characters that can make or break a YA book for me I mean, I don t really care if the main character is not that powerful or special or anything, I just hope that she isn t some stupid damsel in distress that s always waiting for someone to save her Save that for character who isn t actually paranormal.I have been through enough crap to know I don t want some rich boy to try and save me Yeah right Magdalene Mae I really really liked Maggie Mae, she s one of those realistic characters She can be innocent and clueless but has a very short temper that can be blamed for all the trouble she s had She s kind ofobsessedwith Bridger, I mean, not really, it s just, she has fallen in love, hard and it was kind of believable which was a plusIt was like I d been eating bread and water my whole life, and then one day someone gave me chocolate cake And I liked how it tasted so well, I never wanted to go back to bread and water But bread and water was safe Chocolate cake Totally dangerousShe s aware of the painful danger of getting attached to someone I mean, the girl has been alone her whole life, and so far so good, but all of a sudden, this stupid rich bad boy barged in her life and slowly destroyed all the walls she had built around her for years, the first ever boy at that, so can you really blame the girl Atleast Maggie Mae s bravery is something I would like to commend tooThe will to survive is one of the strongest instincts a person has Stronger, I found out, than the desire to die of a broken heartAtleast the girl knows how to sort out her priorities She s not like those hateful, whiny heroine I get to read on most YA paranormal books I can make a long list of reasons why I liked Maggie Mae, but this should have been enough to convince you that Maggie Mae, may not be perfect, but atleast she s one of the characters that most teenage girls would relate to, and would definitely root for her.Bridger I can read a lot of hate he s receiving, and I can t blame them At some point, I hated him big time, I am not sure if I even like him now I struggled to keep my temper in check when I read some of Bridger s stupidity throughout the book, I don t even know where to begin The ditching in the prom, I can t even explain how angry I was for Maggie Mae,Yeah And sorry I ditched youDude, seriously, you didn t just ditched her, but ditched her in the middle of the dance floor of the prom night for everyone to see How unfair can that be The boy got a responsibility resting on his shoulder so if you look it on his Point of View, you can kind of understand his side too Let us just not talk about the shooting issue, because I still can t really make excuses to defend him yet In this case, the boy needs to sort out his priorities.The only good thing I liked that Bridger has done was falling in love with Maggie MaeIt has to do with everything Once I fall in love, I can t fall out of love unless you die or I die I am bound To youThat totally sounds really lame, but I wanted to throw party for Maggie Mae, atleast, for all the shitty things that has happened in her life, something good has finally happened Mrs Carpenter She was the best mother figure Maggie Mae could have hope forI hand t been held this way like I was loved since my last family member had been killed Not only loved, but loved by someone who felt nearly like a mother There are a lot of characters that was really commendable in this story and I know that it will take time if I am to enumerate them one by one You just have to read the book for yourself to meet them yourself..The story or plot itself of Shifting isn t unique Shifters, are quite popular in paranormal YA books nowadays, but this is seriously one of the best book I ve ever read, too bad I only just read it now.What are you waiting for You definitely have to get your hands on this book Its a must read for everyone who loves YA paranormal book Why I am surprised that I liked this book so much Because I thought I had fallen prey to the pretty cover Yes it s so hard to resist them But Wiggins knows how to write and hello shapeshifiting You can never have enough of that.Maggie Mae is an orphan She has been moved around countless times from foster home to foster home Lately things have been worse since she has been having run ins with the police for indecent exposure What no one knows is that Maggie can t help it because she is a shapeshifter She has one last chance to not get into trouble and graduate, but then a different kind of trouble comes her way, Bridger Bridger O Connell comes from a rich family and everyone says he s trouble, but Maggie can t help but feel attracted to him Maggie finally feels as though she can make things work here but then another problem arises There is some random man after her and she has no idea why, but all too soon she ll discover that she may not be as safe as she thought she was One of the things I appreciated about reading this book was that it was not hard for me to get into it at all Every time I put it down I wanted to get back to reading it Always a good sign I think my favorite thing was the setting I haven t had the chance to read too many books set in the American southwest but I m intrigued now Loved the weaving in of folklore and feeling like I was in New Mexico Being able to feel the dry air and cool nights makes me want to visit Then there is Maggie I really liked her and it s just that simple She has this personality that doesn t seem to be trying too hard to be anything You can tell she is vulnerable behind her facade but despite that she pulls an astounding amount of strength to do what she thinks is right The parts where she shapeshifts are done superbly because I could sense my animal instincts kick in while Maggie was an animal too I also easily became attached to some of the minor characters, especially Maggie s foster parent Mrs Carpenter What a spitfire I d like to be her when I grow old.Now of course I have to talk about Bridger You know I liked him and I didn t As the reader you have an inkling of where the story is going and why maybe Bridger acts a tad bit off but Maggie doesn t know I think she would have reacted a littleangrily than she did But like I said as the reader it s easy to forgive him, but I guess I m not convinced that Maggie would Maggie is tough and I feel like she wouldn t take much crap from anyone That fact aside though I loved them together There is a realistic amount of time to build a relationship and for them to get to know each other, and by the end I was entirely invested in their story Though I did like it a lot I have to say there was something that bothered me, the lack of interaction that Maggie has with her friend Yana This is not new to young adult literature For some reason girlfriends do not get much page time and though this may be the case in real life for some people I don t believe it s that common I d argue that most girls grow up having friends be a big part of their lives, and I just didn t see that here.I hope orlike demand politely there are plans to write a sequel It s going be hard for me to let Maggie go and I can just see a potential for another story, but I don t see any indication that there will be one Oh the agony of a reader s heart knows no bounds Ok enough of that and onto telling you guys I think you should read this book Really guys, it s pretty fantastic. [Kindle] ⚖ Shifting ⚒ After Bouncing From Foster Home To Foster Home, Magdalene Mae Is Transferred To What Should Be Her Last Foster Home In The Tiny Town Of Silver City, New Mexico Now That She S Eighteen And Has Only A Year Left In High School, She S Determined To Stay Out Of Trouble And Just Be Normal Agreeing To Go To The Prom With Bridger O Connell Is A Good First Step Fitting In Has Never Been Her Strong Suit, But It S Not For The Reasons Most People Would Expect It All Has To Do With The Deep Secret That She Is A Shape Shifter But Even In Her New Home Danger Lurks, Waiting In The Shadows To Pounce They Are The Skinwalkers Of Navajo Legend, Who Have Traded Their Souls To Become The Animal Whose Skin They Wear And Maggie Is Their Next TargetFull Of Romance, Mysticism, And Intrigue, This Dark Take On Navajo Legend Will Haunt Readers To The Final Page Something really important came up, he said Something so important you didn t have the decency to give me a freaking ride home What came up I can t talk about it So Let s talk about Shifting , a paranormal Young Adult Romance debut about an orphaned girl, who has been handed from one abusive foster home to the next, and who has had some collisions with the police lately because of nightly nudity and kitty fights for pieces of clothing with local prostitutes in her home town Albuquerque, New Mexico As the title already suggests, Magdalene Mae Mortensen is a Shifter, someone who has to shift at full moons and can shift into whatever she wants whenever she wants kind of like Sookie s bartender boss Sam A few months before the State s responsibility ends Maggie s social worker, Mr Petersen, made the strange last straw decision to hand his toughest ward cookie over to his own mother in small townish Silver City The change of abode comes with a change of hair color view spoiler also Mr Petersen s idea to make her blend in Shouldn t he rather try to make her feel comfortable in her own skin hide spoiler Shifting has an alluring blend of Native American lore, sizzling romance and a beautiful New Mexico setting that made it hard for me to put this captivating story down Bethany is a brilliant story teller She mesmerized with her ability to create and bring her story to life through a vivid setting and richly detailed mythology She intertwines the two together flawlessly She not only engaged me with her story line, but she had me connecting with her characters from the get go.The story itself centers on seventeen, soon to be eighteen year old Maggie Mae who s grown up getting the short end of the stick She been an orphan since she was a young child and has bounced around from foster home to foster for years She s dwelt with her fair share of abuse, abandonment, and bullying It wasn t hard for me to become emotionally involved with this in depth, beautifully layered character who s emotions really poured off the pages for me I understood her fears, her anger, her frustrations and her wanting to just blend in, and I admired her strength, her persistence, and the fact that there s something about her that makes her relatable to everyone Her feelings and desires are ones that we ve all experienced or are experiencing She s had a crappy upbringing and yet she tries to make the most of it, despite the fact the most of the trouble she s been is has all been from misunderstandings.It s Maggie Mae s secret gift for shape shifting that s landed her with a police record and has her moving from one part of New Mexico to the other It s here in the quiet desert town of Silver City that Maggie will finally get everything she s needed throughout her life, stability, love, compassion, and she ll realize she s not the only one with a secret for shape shifting That also comes at a price and it s here that Maggie s life is threatened, supernatural things start happening and she endures a horrific bullying incident, which really surprised me with how emotionally involved it made me feel with this story The way Bethany created this scene was so raw, and believable I admire the fact that she created such an amazing heroine who s had to deal with so much.Maggie Mae doesn t go through this story without some reward, which is comes in the form of Bridger, the fabulously written, swoon worthy love interest I was absolutely smitten with this romance and the way it was developed These two are so much alike, but appearance wise couldn t be any different I loved the rich boy, poor girl theme and the fact that these two didn t have an insta love What Bridger and Maggie had was such a credible, sizzling chemistry and connection that made their relationship real and completely believable There s some about Bridger that s intriguing and little by little his secrets are unraveled as the story continues, and I liked that air of mystery that surrounded him.Aside from Bridger, there is a cast of great characters who are apart of Maggie s story and I loved the Native American lore that ties Bridger and Maggie together I was really blown away by the richly detailed Native American mythology that Bethany has in her story, and it s what made me want to pick this book up in the first place The element of shifters, skin walkers, protection circles, Bridger s family ties to Silver City and the Navajo beliefs were beyond fascinating to me There s such a shortage of YA books who s stories are rooted in Native American lore, and I love that Bethany has written a really refreshing, unique story that will stand out among the recent YA release.This is an incredibly enticing story that I completely fell in love with With it s flawed, believable characters, it s solid story line, riveting lore and incredible storytelling, Bethany Wiggins s Shifting is one book I highly recommend picking up I m looking forward to readingof Bethany s future books. I was drawn to this book because of the Native American mythology you don t get much of that in books these days I wasn t sure what to expect, but this novel really blew me away The last sentence of the blurb is totally true it is full of romance, mysticism, and intrigue, and it did haunt me to the final page Let me start with the romance, because really, I felt that was one of the most important aspects of it There is no insta love to be found here The relationship between Bridger and Maggie Mae is slow progressing and sweet they become friends first, and even though she s attracted to him, she doesn t try to jump his bones at every turn And their relationship was based less on lust andon actually respecting the other person gasp I know I was shocked, too.I really loved Bridger He didn t fall into any sort of male protag stereotype He wasn t the bad boy or the sweet boy next door or the brooding type He wasn t the token minority or the usual blond and beautiful He was justBridger And for that, I loved him He was just as interesting of a character as Maggie Mae, with a huge secret that I didn t figure out until near the end, and he s the perfect mixture of sweet yet tantalizingly aloof He s also part Navajo, so he comes from a really interesting cultural background I loved that he was always nice to Maggie Mae but made it clear upfront that they couldn t date It made for some serious relationship tension and drama that propelled the romance to the very last page.Maggie Mae herself was a great MC Again, I couldn t put her in any sort of stereotype She was so original She s poor and a foster child, but I never felt any bitterness from her or anger Her main motivator is fear, but she s not weak She wasn t the kick butt vampire slayer or the cowering mouse she was somewhere in between, where let s be honest most of us would fall I loved that And I also loved listening to her honest narrative She s excited about getting new clothes from Wal Mart, but she s also keenly aware that she doesn t dress the way the other kids in her school do She s really attracted to Bridger, but she s afraid to get attached to anyone She just had so many layers Also, Bethany Wiggins doesn t shy away from hurting her characters Poor Maggie Mae goes through so much heartache that I often want to just reach into the book and give her a hug Her only family was murdered in front of her eyes, no less , she has this giant secret that haunts her every day, she s been picked up by the cops for indecent exposure multiple times, she was abused by one of her foster fathers, and she has zero self confidence Then there s the issue of the intense bullying that she experiences at school I couldn t believe how vicious the kids were But I was glad that Wiggins included it It really helped with Maggie Mae s character arc, I think.The actual mythology of the book is so wrapped up in the setting that it s hard to separate the two, I think There s a lot of build up and suspense that I was afraid wouldn t deliver in the end But, oh how wrong I was There was something inherently creepy about the animals that follow Maggie Mae around, and there s an ominous feel about all the Navajo protection that people try to give her From the beginning, you know that someone s after Maggie, but you don t find out until the end how that plays into her shape shifting ability, which looms over her the entire novel, a constant reminder that she isn t like other people The setting of Silver City also adds a lot to the feel of the book You ve got the Navajo and Mexican culture mixing, and how Maggie Mae gets caught up in all of it.Seriously, if you like mythology, paranormal romance, the supernatural, or just a good book, read this one I feel like it hasn t gotten much buzz around it, but it deserves it This is one of my favorite reads of 2011 So Good.And it had better be a series Please, Bethany Wiggins Please. Read this in its earlier stage and knew right away it would be published This book is phenomenal. Can you imagine this girl waking up in a dark alley naked She s in amazing shape, has been arrested for indecent exposure almost a dozen times, and has the biggest roundesteyes you have ever seen And like most YA characters I ve read about lately, she is strong and fast and has the ability to change into something not quite human But unlike these same characters, she doesn t magically keep her clothes on like some G rated, ultra cleaned up, Disney version of a werewolf pixie shapeshifter This was, in fact, what kept me reading at the beginning when Maggie Mae s story read so much like teen book d j vu Characters with no parentscheck Vulnerable protagonist with mysterious ability .check Good looking rich dark eyed boy Bridger with a secretcheck.Who likes her for no apparent reasoncheck.Even when she treats him like crap at the same time she ogles and ogles and ogles himcheck, check, check In fairness, the girl has abandonment issues Huge, monstrous abandonment issues And after she is viciously targeted by bullies in chapter eleven, she gets some pretty bad advice from her foster mother, Mrs Carpenter, who tells Maggie that if she changes schools she ll be letting the bullies win.I can just see how that kind of logic would pan out if we extended it to its natural conclusion The awkward fourteen year old girl I used to be would stay in class for an entire year with the boy who sexually harassed and bullied her rather than change classes Okay, so maybe that actually happened, but things only got worse, not better And I came to see that the reason I stayed had less to do with being strong andto do with pride It wasn t worth it.I digress The author makes up for this misguided philosophy when she turns the tables on the reader later, showing how Bridger s true nature is hidden under Maggie Mae s need to project her prejudices and insecurities onto him So you think Bridger s a one dimensional stuck up rich kid, do you A cardboard character derived of nothing but cliches Well, humph Is it possible that you are the stuck up cliche, but have projected your personality onto him My whole mindset changed Bethany did something with the voice of Maggie Mae that Stephenie Meyer couldn t do with Bella s voice in four massive volumes She put Maggie through a paradigm shift in her thinking and took me with her It was fabulous Just fabulous And I m not even going to talk about the gripping, edge of your seat feeling I had through most of this book, or the very cool Navajo Skin Walker folklore, or the unbelievable twist at the end that made my stomach plummet This isn t your typical young adult shapeshifter book It makes you think It sits with you And it s aptly named because it truly shifted my perspective. Oh, that was painful It started out bloody freaking awesome, but of course the love interest has to ruin everything Review to come soon After I m done raging.Actual Review The beginning of the book started out amazingly good a unique setting, a cool heroine, shapeshifters, etc Then the love interest came in Maggie Mae has been to twelve different foster homes in her past life In Silver City, New Mexico, she may have found the perfect home in an old farmhouse with a kind old woman named Mrs Carpenter But being a shapeshiter makes things difficult, and it getsdifficult when strange looking animals start hunting her and her handsome, rich friend starts acting funny around her Who will kill her in the end The demon Skinwalkers Or her boyfriend Bridger Ah, I love YA novels They ve taught me so much, such as how to tell your boyfriend is not good for you Reason 58 If your new dude confesses his love to you, and immediately puts a gun to your head and threatens you, then makes you stand in front of a hundred demon animals that want to kill you only to shoot you himself, then it might be time to ditch him.if you re still alive I hated Bridger He was cool at first and I actually liked him, but he turned out to be an asshole Some of the things he said to Maggie made me want to barf, including the two times he told her to Shut up I can t explain the annoyance and irritation Bridger caused me in this book, so I ll just throw you some examples P 160 He wrapped his long fingers around my upper arm and yanked me to standing, then looping his arm around my waist and literally forced me out of the restaurant. Controlling much P 165 At this point, Maggie was afraid of kissing Bridger because she didn t want to become attached, view spoiler and since Bridger can sense emotions, he felt that fear and didn t kiss her hide spoiler spoilers My only real problem can be summed up in three words Bridger O Connell.A patronising, shallow, faithless douche if ever there was one For the greater part of the story he s either ignoring poor Maggie May or leading her on, and then, when he finally does profess his undying ha love for the girl he turns on her almost immediately Aaand then he shoots her Lovely No no, it s okay though he didn t shoot to kill, so you forgive him right Maggie Right Oh you should, he s a keeper I can tell And Maggie if the flesh wound you re now sporting doesn t convince you his moving, heartfelt protestations of how selfish you are for nearly dying I know he shot you but lets get past that already and I don t now how many times the phrasestuck loving youis repeatedsurely once is enough regardless sigh Truly, parts of it weren t half bad hence the rating and I particularly liked the sprinklings of Navajo culture I am a sucker for folklore Then there s that cover I will definitely be trying that out in the very near future minus the snake but I digress Whatever my issues with the douche love interest, if you re looking for something light in the YA paranormal romance genre, Bethany Wiggins Shifting is not a bad choice.